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Genres : Documentary News
Country : United States
Language : English
Year : 2013
Episode Runtime : 30 m.

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Vice is a documentary TV-series created and hosted by Shane Smith of Vice magazine. Produced by Bill Maher, it uses CNN journalist Fareed Zakaria as a consultant, and covers topics such as political assassinations, young weapons manufacturers, and child suicide bombers using an immersionist style of documentary filmmaking. It aired on HBO in April 2013. Rolling Stone wrote that the show "feels a little like your buddy from the bar just happened to be wandering through eastern Afghanistan with a camera crew."
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8.6 Rating? Seriously?
5 /10
While VICE chooses controversial and dangerous subject matter to report on, the seriousness of their subject material is lessened by the shamefully i ...
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Big fan. Now disappointed with Biased Reporting
10 /10
I was very much a big fan of this. And I watch a lot of Vice News stuff because of their brave journalists willing to go anywhere. Except that they a ...
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Vice is nothing more than a fabricated tabloid.
10 /10
I am embarrassed by the amount of positive comments about this show. Are we, Americans, really so stupid as to believe any of this crap they're feedi ...
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Decent show but tries to do too much in not enough time
7 /10
Vice is a very interesting show that gives a brief introduction to some extreme behavior all over the world including the U.S. The problem however, a ...
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More liberal propaganda than hard hitting reportage or journalism
2 /10
I gave it 2 because the show actually has some descent photography but the rest of the show is a paid for propaganda stunt and so intentionally misle ...
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Bringing you the truth
10 /10
And that's all that matters. If you like watching the news to see how crazy the next iPhone lines are, then watch fox news. If you want the truth, Vi ...
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The real word!
9 /10
The world as it is. These people go to distance to show us how the world really works. Our planet is a very big and scary place, filled with dirty se ...
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Vice raises awareness and let you be emotional about NEWS again.
9 /10
This program is very good to watch. The most important things for me personal is that it gives me an understanding about what is happening in the wor ...
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The other side , of those who cant speak !
9 /10
This is rare gem of true journalism. What we see mostly on daily news is not news but propaganda of either govt or corporatist where every story has ...
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10 /10
I'll start with the negative. Yes, there's some room for improvement: there is some bias (but I think understandable in almost all cases), hidden cam ...
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10 /10
I have been a fan of Vice for a few years now and I've always enjoyed their online videos. If you have spare time, I would highly recommend checking ...
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Just wow
9 /10
How do these reporters do this? It would be the hardest work ever. The places they go in the first episode about the children bombers is heart breaki ...
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Unpolished view of the extremes in the world.
9 /10
There are two kinds of programs on T.V. at any given moment. Entertainment: which tends to either dumb down, or completely distort reality. And News: ...
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Absolutely worth it.
10 /10
If you don't think that seeing video of the decapitated head of a teenage suicide bomber doesn't alter your view of reality you should really give th ...
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