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Favorite Series
The Nevers
love this
Kung Fu (2021)
didnt manage to get past ep1, not for me
Made For Love
Really enjoyed the first eps. Good story.
Just great
A Discovery of Witches
Season 2 well worth the wait ..great show
Tell Me Your Secrets
Binged the lot. GREAT
Your Honor (US)
Fantastc drama great ending
Good opening episode
The Drowning
good start
It's a Sin
Binged it all. moving,well writen and keely is fab as usual; love is love
It's a Sin Season 1 Episode 1
Binged the whole thing. Moving well written.keely fab as always. Love is love.
Your Honor (US)
loving it so far
Tin Star
so glad this is back well worth a watch
A Discovery of Witches
where is season 2
Love Life (2020)
enjoyed the first few so far
Motherland: Fort Salem
Not the usual witch story. I really enjoyed this. Well written and acted. Hoocked me in from the start.Worth a watch.
Binged the lot loved it.Hope there's another season
Defending Jacob
Really great opening to this series. Think it wil be a good one.
The Last Kingdom
Omg im sooooo happy its coming bak
The Outsider (2020)
Think this is going to develop into a good show. GREAT start and good acting
Lincoln Rhyme: Hunt for the Bone Collector Season 1 Episode 1
Loved the film,this was not a bad pilot. I shal be back for ep 2.
The beginning of crisis & one hero down already. Great when they do the crossovers.
Tell Me a Story (US)
Season 2 off to a good start
well that sure is a new way to approach praying. Great story and acting looking forward to the rest.
The Purge
season 2 ep2 missing ??????
Great opening episode
why are there no working links
good first ep
Batwoman Season 1 Episode 1
motorbike riding kik ass lesbian,wots not to like.
Murder in the Bayou
This is a very interesting documentary well put together. Reminds me of making a murderer.
Raising Dion
enjoyed the opening ep
Lost Girl
This is a great show. love the characters and funny dialog.dont know how I missed this first time round. Qurky funny luv it.
Carnival Row
Great story from start
Free Meek
interesting show
slow start but really enjoying it now
The Boys
great show had me from the very start
12 Monkeys
and yes it was ended with s4
12 Monkeys
apocolyptic genius great great great
iZombie Season 5 Episode 13
great ending to the show
Persons Unknown
Its a slow burn but I am really getting into it now. Have no clue how it will end. Worth a go.
Fear the Walking Dead Season 5 Episode 3
Loving the crossover of people from TWD Great episode
Fear the Walking Dead
season five and where the hell did they get that plane
Fear the Walking Dead Season 5 Episode 1
And they got the plane from ........
first two eps i enjoyed.A dark tale I think this may be worth the time to watch
this was a good story, wow does Renee look different
so glad Netflix picked this up its a great show
Dead to Me Season 1 Episode 9
really enjoyrd this. good mix of comedy and drama.I hope they do a second season
Cold Justice
great show
cant find working links after ep 3
Origin Season 1 Episode 4
no links working after ep 3
Outlander Season 4 Episode 1
I didnt know how theywere going to continue with this but I am pleased the direction it has taken a great show worth watching
Tell Me a Story (US)
Not a bad start
Fantastic show
Titans (2018)
woodster added The Only Way Is Essex to his/her Favorites
woodster added Intergalactic to his/her Favorites
woodster added Intergalactic to his/her Favorites