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  • 11% Mystery
  • 8% Action
  • 7% Crime
  • 7% Thriller
  • 6% Science-Fiction
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Favorite Series

Taboo (2017)
Great show!trust me, you wont regret sparing time to watch it!
Taboo (2017) Season 1 Episode 6
idhemrm...whats ur problem?put a spoilert alert on ur comment next time
was a great series...worth a watch!
Taboo (2017)
great show!my 2017 favorite series!!
Vikings Season 4 Episode 12
none of the links work.watched the episode on a different site.this is the link for anyone who wants to watch
Under the Dome
i weep for this show.mediocre at best!
Van Helsing
the agoney of watching this series cannot be explained.please we beg kill of all the characters that are accompaning vanessa esp the black woman doctor.bad acting.i can do better.overall horrible series.
The Blacklist
started off great then became boring around 3/4.first of all kill the hubby of elizabeth keen if u havent done so already.what is his purpose?another fairy tale storyline riding on what could be a great masterpiece.And stop letting keen escape in every situation!let her take some lead and go away.reddington is the main marrow of this show.
Black Sails
Now this show is what everyone should strive to watch.great show!good storyline!it is a hit!
Fresh Off the Boat
May God punish everyone involved in the production of this catastrophical show.Bogus.very!but atleast i dozed off and i overcame my insomnia that night.
Second Chance (2016)
it was okay.not very creative though.it deserves a 6
kill off john alden already.what a boring character.his presence or lack thereof makes no difference.i preferred Dr Wainwright.he he had more depth to him.salem is getting more boring from season 3.why brig in supposed devil/s brother?you might as well bring his uncles and relatives to prolong this boring storyline and make money.either mary or john gotta go.this is no fairy tale.i give it a 6 from episode 3.