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Titans (2018)
Wow and was thinking superhero tv shows couldn't get any worse. This is one messed up TV show, and I thought that gotham was the worst superhero show! Acting sucks, the gore is overkill, the costumes suck, and well not one good thing about it. Barely managed to watch the rest of episode 2 hoping it'll get good. Why are the superhero movies and even more show just going down hill?
They had to ruin it just like smallville with all the over drama and stopped making it just a super hero show. What ruined it the most it all the lesbian bs, other including myself DON'T want to WATCH two girls or two guys kissing/making out. And they have only been increasing it, so now no longer watch it.
The Flash Season 3 Episode 17
Terrible, absolutely terrible! Did they run out of ideas or something? Are they trying to ruin it like they did with Smallvile and now with Surpergirl? Keep at this WB and you'll have nothing worth watching! And as for flash's and supergirl's singing skills? I think the can't seen, hurts my ears especially the last song he sang. Skipped it to the end. Yeah he's a good actor, but sorry he can't sing.
Supergirl Season 2 Episode 6
supergirl been slowly going downhill the last few episodes. And this one here is the worst episode. The show is losing focus on being a superhero show to be a being an almost full on drama, making the same mistake that smallville did. On top of that it kinda forces you to watch lesbian parts of the movie for those who don't enjoy it. Yeah I know we all have the right of choice, if you want to be lesbian or gay that's your choice, but making other people watch especially those who don't like tho
Top Gear Season 23 Episode 4
ever since clarkson is gone this show been going only down hill, if it keeps at it I might stop watching it. That's like the worst collection of hosts possible
Top Gear Season 23 Episode 1
Not even half as good as with Clarkson and mates, yet better then i expected as well. The drag queens though did give more minuses to this show. I think that there's some potential of an enjoyable show but I don't see it being a great show ever again. What ruins it the most for me to be honest is the accents of the new hosts, they just don't fit in.
The concept of traveling back in time on accident and stuff is potentially a 7-9 star show... but this? this is trash, the most boring thing in the world. I watched the first 2 episodes hoping the 2nd one would pick up since the idea of the show seemed possibly interesting but it did so no one bit. This is the slowest show in the world. Unless you enjoy watching a show that's 99% drama with people using english in such an accident that you can't understand half of what they say and nothing make
Dark Angel
An interesting show but highly unrealistic, not exactly a great show barely good but still interesting in an entertaining comical way. Some episodes are corny that if you like laughing at corny shows it'll give you a good laugh. But mostly i enjoyed it for the action scenes, they're fairly good especially for a 2000-2002 show.
Marvel's Jessica Jones Season 1 Episode 1
terrible, absolutely terrible, even worse then Gotham. And what even worse is that there's a large portion of it is sex sense. What totally finally broke it for me giving it a chance after watching the bad acting, the pointless sex sense that not that i just don't want to see but also take up time of the show for something of more use to watch, and the using the Name of God in vain every like 10 mins (which is somewhat expected these days yet highly unappreciated) was the adding in lesbia
Blindspot Season 1 Episode 11
Though predictable, at least for me, it's still an interesting show. For me seeing how close i can guess what will happen (and at times i've been dead on). But 2 things need to be dialed down (like most shows); the sex scenes are not needed for this show at all ( i don't watch tv show to see sex scenes) and they need to dial down the gay \lesbian (though i personally prefer completely remove it) scenes, at least nothing more then hugs and holding had. I don't want to be grossed out watching to