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a life that's loved is a life that's been lived:)

Favorite Series
All Creatures Great and Small (2020)
not really up for a remake but this seems promising.
The Crown
can't wait for season 5. a must watch show whether you like the royals or not.
The Durrells
absolutely love this show.
Started watching this only because of David. Had to stop and continue with the original. Except Tennant, the rest of the actors presented themselves horribly. It felt like an insult to Broadchurch.
brilliant crime show to date. never really understood the reason behind making an American version of this though. to me Gracepoint seemed like a parody or a failed experiment.
True Detective
i prefer re-watching season one and three over the other season. totally blown away by the actors
House of Cards
one of the best Netflix originals.
The Great
been a fan of Nicholas since his "about a boy" days and of course of Elle too. such a stunning actress. one of the good comical shows. worth the watch. HUZZAH!
i love how different this show is from others. worth the watch.
loved it so far
love the show
Hollywood (2020)
Love 101
don't normally watch turkish shows but this is the only one show that I watched and fell in love with.
Love 101
don't normally watch turkish shows but this is the only one show that I watched and fell in love with.
Normal People
loved the book.. loved the show. wanna watch? you better binge watch
68 Whiskey
hope they don't cancel it.
The Witcher
the best early Christmas gift for me honestly.
The Rookie
fell in love with the show since the start. can't wait for the next season.
Godless (2017)
terrific mini series.
must watch
Swamp Thing (2019)
I wish they cancel some lame ass shows and decide to renew the good ones like this.
another historical drama worth watching.
The Village (2019)
this show had a potential. wonder what happened.
being a huge fan of Phoebe Waller-Bridge's writings, I hoped this show to be a lot funnier like her work in crashing. still this is one of the good comedies as it has the hot priest.
Whiskey Cavalier
when I thought Scott Foley is done for good. this show came in like a rocket and became one of my favorite comedies though it says action and crime based here.
The Umbrella Academy
glad this is different from the comics. the one thing the show has is the character development which the comics lack; nothing more.
My Brilliant Friend
At times it was slow but by far the most enjoyable series.
My Brilliant Friend
At times it was slow but by far the most enjoyable series.
Deep State
Mark Strong and Joe Dempsie!! count me in and not to mention an action packed drama!! yesss
Big Little Lies
fantastic storyline, amazing actors and yeah the legend herself Meryl Streep and a haunting theme song. what more can one ask for?
Timeless (2016)
2 seasons? come on this deserved a chance of more. hands down a subtle show.
Designated Survivor
one of the best political drama shows ever.
this was the show I fell in love with Antony Starr before American Gothic or The boys. one hell of a show. if you are into action drama, this is your show.
The Night Manager
fantastic mini-series.
I love the Skarsgards and Stellan gave a stellar performance in this.
Public Morals
underrated show. Ed Burns is a terrific writer, actor and director. I'm always amused by his work. For those who are familiar with his work should watch this show fs.
Young Justice
this is one of the shows that has the whole bunch of different genres and I love the show to bits. can't wait for the fourth season.
had brilliant actors in it. never really got over the fact that they had to cancel it after season two. I wished I discovered this show sooner and not 3 years ago.
Halt and Catch Fire
absolutely love the show.
Friday Night Lights
fan of the film and fan of the show. highly recommended.
one of the underrated series. glad Netflix made it get the recognition it deserves. I was bummed when the show ended. there won't be another good show like this one ever.
The Newsroom
awestruck! what a cast and what a show.
Happy Endings
heard there's going to be a reboot or a special episode. it would be loads of fun. i hope they make it happen. this show here is one of the great comedies.
Chicago P.D.
Dick Wolf surely knows which shows can attract more audience. can't speak of chicago justice or med but this sure tops the list right next to chicago fire.
The Last Ship
started watching this when it got ended. never a dull moment. the first three seasons are grand.
Mad Men
brilliant drama series. i have learned a lot from this show than from any other about 60's and most of the world.
it was last year I binged the whole series till season 12 and never regret it.
True Blood
best vampire show ever just like The southern vampire mysteries being one of the best vampire novels.
Doctor Who
oh what has this show become now! Tennant is my favorite of all. and the rest probably ruined the image of Dr Who or it just me.
Cobra Kai
being a huge fan of karate kid, I thoroughly enjoyed this show. can't wait for the new season.
Gen one and gen two are my favorites. never watched past that not even the third time. one of the best shows ever.
one of my favorite UK shows
I enjoyed every second of the show. Hoping there's a season two.
Sons of Anarchy
Rewatching sons brings back some bittersweet memories (can't think of any other word). I have discovered some amazing songs from this show than any other. Truly one of the best that needs more recognition. Read somewhere that Kurt is thinking of making a prequel and a sequel (not Mayans but the story of Abel's). I hope it all gets worked out. Can't wait for another masterpiece.
Raised by Wolves (2020)
This show is with so much potential. If only the writers don't screw it up as it goes on. Amanda Collins did a fantastic job playing as Mother and my personal favorite Travis Fimmel is impressive in his role. This is one of those shows I'm impressed by the pilot episode and the finale of the season. There was a slow pace in between episodes but the end was totally worth it. Every actor did a fine acting. I really hope the show takes some awards home.
Raised by Wolves (2020) Season 1 Episode 10
This show is with so much potential. If only the writers don't screw it up as it goes on. Amanda Collins did a fantastic job playing as Mother and my personal favorite Travis Fimmel is impressive in his role. This is one of those shows I'm impressed by the pilot episode and the finale of the season. There was a slow pace in between episodes but the end was totally worth it. Every actor did a fine acting. I really hope the show takes some awards home. This is a show for those that needs a break f
The Boys Season 2 Episode 7
Spoiler ahead: It's not the people's heads in the episode exploded.. I felt like mine did too at some point. Great ending of the episode. Best of the season.
Finn gave one heck of a performance playing as Ed. I started watching this just for him but got hooked by the story. I loved Nurse Ratched from the one flew over the cuckoo's nest. Sarah Paulson did a good job playing as the nurse but being a fan of Louise Fletcher's fan, I couldn't see any other in her place. Good series to binge watch though.
Home Before Dark
Despite the negative reviews I found online, I took my time to watch the show today and it was brilliant in every way. Can't wait for the second season.
The Morning Show
The first episode blew me away and the rest..just WOW!
Young Wallander Season 1 Episode 6
This could have ended with four episodes but dragged to the sixth for no apparent reason. Good show though.
Years and Years
I'm watching this for the second time. Still can't get over the end of the fourth episode. There have been many shows about future world which seemed so common these days and not that I'm against any sci-fi dramas or new world shows but this is something far more relevant and realistic show. I love the way it explored everything and how every event is connected to another. Best actors with best story line.. what more can one ask for. This is a must watch show.
Young Wallander
This is the prequel of hit series called Wallander (just like Endeavour being the prequel of Inspector Morse). It has some of the finest young actors in it with fantastic plot. The actor Adam who played Kurt Wallander, at a glance looks like Jonathan Groff. Maybe I'm not the only one who mistaken Adam for Jon. If you are into thrillers,this is your show.
The Boys
Well well the boys are back! Great first three episodes of the second season. Been a huge fan of the comics and of the show. Can't wait for the rest of the episodes. Those who love supes have to give this one a try. Trust me you won't be disappointed.
Downton Abbey
brace yourself guys... season 7 is happening..
I Am Not Okay With This
I couldn't get a hold of the comics but I really loved the show. It kept me on the edge of my seat as I binge watched the whole in about three hours or so.. this is a show for someone who are majorly into adventures and awkwardness.. its RECOMMENDED
The Stranger (2020)
I have never read the novel but man this is one of those series where you get hooked on right from the start. Great plot and if you love mysteries, this is a good miniseries for you.
Locke & Key
Being a huge fan of the comics, I expected a lot more from this but I was fairly disappointed by the way it all turned. The second the notification popped on my screen about its release, I was so excited to see how they have developed the comic series. I have to say, they could have done better. I gotta give 'A' for their effort but that's all.
The Society
for five seasons..i enjoyed the show..i loved phillip.. and the most recent seasons are fucked up.. i was like wth..whats going on ..y would they turn this show into this way but i still watched it and now i don't anymore..i would recommend it just like somebody suggested me to watch the show but only for few seasons..
Downton Abbey
the intro got me cling to the show...great show..recommended.
The series had a great start and kept it the same till the end.. i finished the series two years ago and now i watched it again..now i realize how i miss watching it.. waiting for its new episode for days...its unfair to cancel such brilliant shows..miss this show.
Marvel's Daredevil
best series to watch.. tbh i am a huge fan of Charlie Cox.. so yeah i would say its the best series ever.. besides that Cox truly gave his best and for the ones who dont have a clue about Cox..they would totally believe that he is blind. he gave Daredevil a life..i ant imagine someone else in his place.. coming to the point.. i hate netflix for cancelling the show just like u cancelled ironfist and luke cage...:\
A Million Little Things
Great start and promising series.. Its so refreshing to watch David after his big break in Grimm and James did a spectacular job.. every single person deserves an applause. good show. worth watching. got some This is us vibes..
Chilling Adventures of Sabrina
I have tried to watch the series but couldn't even get through episode 3..can't say it was interesting but entirely disappointed except few scenes and god whats with the lagging..could have watched if it wasn't that slow..
The Haunting of Hill House
I read the novel's summary few months back when they said there will be a series since then I have waited to watch it..binge watched the series on the day it was released on Netflix and its one of the best series.Loved every character and every episode made me feel all the emotions.best one.
The intro song "renaissance" by Paolo Buonvino is a masterpiece..You won't fell in love in the instant but eventually you won't even dare to skip the intro..If I have to sum up...this is worth watching series if only you are interested in drama and history..
I have watched season 1 and Richard's performance as Cosimo was remarkable.The whole season was amazingly screened and it felt s real except the fact that most of the characters don't look like the actors in real life but who cares..this is one of the best drama series I have ever watched..hoping season 2 would be as good as season 1.
human and i adore him a lot and he had an amazing journey since the start and i am hoping he would have a bright future and an extraordinary career with golden opportunities..
human and i adore him a lot and he had an amazing journey since the start and i am hoping he would have a bright future and an extraordinary career with golden opportunities..
from the o.c to gotham..i can the change in ben's acting and the way he transformed into a resolute cop from a troubled teenager..the evolution of bruce wayne is impressive and i love the series..
loved it.
Black Sails
i love the series and it changed my perspective on ross from time to time..its like plucking off the petals of a flower and asking myself if i love him or not..i love thw way how they have showed us the beauty of ocean,land and the people that live in 1700's..since i have started watching season3 few days i will try to catch up with the rest of series..just hoping this won't get cancelled like Aidan announced in an interview..i have been a huge fan of him since his ultimate performance in being
The Last Kingdom
brilliant series!
i only watched this because my childhood crush bradley was in it and i absolutely loved the series.
the only thing i like about this show is the intro...tried to watch it so far but i couldn't..
The Musketeers
seriously this shouldn't have ended..
The Musketeers
i love everything about this show..
The Mist
just WOW.heard its getting cancelled..wtf:/
Midnight, Texas
waiting for season 2
Young Sheldon
i am a big fan of sheldon cooper in the big bang theory series and got excited enough to watch this and i can say now its worth watching..
Siren (2018)
good show except the ending of season 1 is pretty much fucked up (just my thoughts).
Travelers (2016)
binge watched this a few months back and one of the best i've ever seen.
Chloe should have been alive to see how her team have saved the world.. she deserved better.. the entire series had an amzing concept to go with.. never bored me nor made me skip a minute or two.. too bad it got cancelled..
BEST TRIO and awesome adventures and perfect story line.. The beginning got me hooked and the fact that one of the Ashmore brothers is in here got me hyped and excited much more.. The sense of humor,the acing,the script,the locations and everything is so damn good and give it a try.. you will like it.
BEST SERIES EVER. My favorite series in my teenage and even now..
ATF.. I would watch this ten more times..
I loved it.. Cant wait for the next season..Worth binge watching it..for sure.
Bodyguard (2018)
If you love Richard Maddens... you must watch this.. He never cease to amaze us with his incredible acting.. I repeat NEVER.
The Rain
Don't mind the bad reviews..its not that bad to watch... I would recommend it by giving 8 stars.
Thought this would be like the g.o.a.t "lost@.. but no its not.. good start though..
If you are after suspense.. give it a try.
This Is Us
just one word="brilliant".
gave it a try to watch..and the result is amazing!!!!:)history lives!!!
mark paul is looking great with a beard..good show..
truly a great concept but i don't think the viewers gonna like the acting...forget about he haters and just watch the damn show and you will be damned for sure...
The Killing (2011)
good to watch...
The Royals Season 3 Episode 1
the royals is back:D
Brooklyn Nine-Nine
yipee!season 4
season 2 EXCITED....
Stranger Things
so DAMN gooooooooooood.................................
The Walking Dead
it gave me CHILL.great show.
Stranger Things
finally..something worth watching for...MAGNIFICENT..
its phenomenal.
kenna and bash will always be my favorite coulpe.
good show
best show
i cant get my head out of this show.why is this so amazing and addiction?great show.love you SEBASTIAN BASH.TORRANCE,you are my hero now.
i take my first comment back (mash).bash and kenna should be together.
bash and kenna are a great couple.
bash+mary forever.they r so lovely when they r together.love mash(mary+bash)
The Royals
oh i forgot to write a review on my favorite show.THE ROYALS,THE BEST SHOW.its Mark's MIRACLE.I LOVE JASPER A LOT.HE IS SOOOO HAWT:)(HAHA)i love the chemistry between elenor and jasper.i watch this because of them.liam and ophelia not so good.its not even looks like a love scene.their love life is so boring:(ELENOR IS A BAD-ASS.JASPER A HNDSOME BODYGAURD.HELENA IS A BITCH BUT A GOOD ONE.HAHA
American Horror Story
Ooo scary!!oh my!GOOSEBUMPS!!this is an awesome horror show.
The Secret Circle
that theme music still haunts me.WORST MUSIC EVER:/
Wayward Pines
i like M.Night's movies and i thought this would be an epic and its not.but its good though.
Teen Wolf
i'm sorry but i feel so bad about this.i just dont want it to end.its one of my favorites god damn it.
Teen Wolf
Teen Wolf
Two and a Half Men
men men men men manly men men men.love the title.
Baby Daddy
2 Broke Girls
not reached my expectations but A GOOD SHOW.
The Mindy Project
OMG this is HILARIOUS.i cant stop laughing from the start.its an amazing show.MINDYs voice so funny to hear and quirky.lmao always when i watch this show.thanks to my friend who introduced me to this show.
SUITS suit yourself:P honestly,i love this show.i like mike.
Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
u know u cant kick ward and lincoln out.they r million dollar dudes.u cant man,u cant:(well,it will suck the rest of the show:/
Being Human
i cried when it ended:( i love aidan.hes cute and handsome:)
The Secret Circle
i think they show come up with some other ideas to continue this show rather than cancel or end whatever it is this show.
The Secret Circle
why did they cancel it?i love this show.but,the only problem is i hate the theme music.i freaked out when i heard that.i watched this show 2 times.and again i'm watching this so i wanna write a review on this and here i am.worth watching:)
awesome show:)
Sleepy Hollow
fucking awesome show.the headless rider Ooooo.love it.
sorry i didnt add this on my list.BEST COMEDY SHOW EVER.
Being Human
i love this show.
Second Chance (2016)
loved it.should watch this.
Teen Wolf
its not allison by the way .once again CRYSTAL REED is back.
Teen Wolf
i think this is how allison got the scope in archery as it was her previous life job.
Teen Wolf
yeah!ALLISON is back.yes.
White Collar
its the best show.even though matt bomer is a gay he acted so well.i dont even believe that he is gay cause i still have a crush on him.lol.i dont care what he is but this show got succeeded because of him,i believe and of course because of the story.the mysteries are so good besides neal had this connection with some of the cons/thieves and he used them to solve the cases.it was amazing.its pretty bad as it was ended:(
Bates Motel
i didnt expect that i'm gonna watch this show at any means but i did.great show.the names are amazing-NORMA AND NORMAN.its a bit of psycho oriented show.i love it.no, i like it.
The Big Bang Theory
its not over the top but its funny.simply good.
The Big Bang Theory
i love SCIENCE.i love THIS SHOW.
Grey's Anatomy
beginning was good.i was desperate to watch this show.i was obsessed when my favorite couples broke-up and started living with some other.its a good show though.
Grey's Anatomy
i cant say its the best show but its a good show.by seeing this show,i wanted to become a doctor.lol.i like justin chambers.i'm super fan of him.in the medical side,i love the surgeries,interns,doctors and the hospitality.its kinda sad as derek died.
Teen Wolf
omg!everytime i watch teen wolf,i get GOOSEBUMPS.
i dont know but i believe it that it will become more interesting if it includes more mysteries,serial killers and more crimes,i guess.its in my opinion by the way.
i saw the movie starred bradley cooper who is the executive producer of this show.i loved that movie.well jake mcdorman did his best in this show.but it is sad though as BRIAN was once a ZERO and all of sudden he became a HERO all because of NZT drug.i like brian's hair style and his dressings.i say this both comedy and suspense oriented show.for some reason i dont why but i believe it show come up with different story like robbery or wild.i dont know but i believe that would make it more intere
one word-BRILLIANT.
Pretty Little Liars
one mistake_if we miss one episode we cannot connect with the rest.
Pretty Little Liars
here i am writing another review on this show.the girls are amazing.the relationships are always kinda on and off.they all have some dark secrets.if we miss one episode ,we can connect with the rest.it will be so confusing.the story has so many knots.while watching this,we kinda get this feeling like-"yes,i know A."but we really dont.so many mysteries and puzzles.any age people can easily addict to this show once you started watching.
supernatural creatures looks like zombies and bloody corpses.by watching the pilot i found a connection between this show and me.its so terrifying.i love suspense and thrillers.i love this show.
an amazing show.i'm impressed by the dramas and the stories.they look simple but not really.cant believe my eyes didnt even stress a bit while watching this.story is really good.i got hooked to this show.its one of my favorites.
i love this show.if i was a billionaire like oliver i would simply relax and spend my money for accessories,clothes blah,blah,blah.i love superheroes and i watched the first episode without knowing what it was all about.i later felt good as i watched this show.its a good show.worth watching.the green arrows are amazing.stephen gave a life to his character.pretty cool show.
Game of Thrones
except porn its best.
Game of Thrones
another epic and myths.awesome go GOT.
god how did i miss to write a review on this.this is a great show.i love the winchesters.its all supernatural.sometimes i believe in that stuff and creeps.so,i watch this show.casting is good.the stars are amazing.
Brooklyn Nine-Nine
you wont stop laughing after watching this.full time comedy.amazing expressions.i think i'm gonna burst.hahaworth watching.
Brooklyn Nine-Nine
you wont stop laughing after watching this.full time comedy.amazing expressions.i think i'm gonna burst.hahaworth watching.
Brooklyn Nine-Nine
you wont stop laughing after watching this.full time comedy.amazing expressions.i think i'm gonna burst.hahaworth watching.
Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
i was kinda sad when bobby and hunter left.they are an amazing couple.my heart popped out.in no time when it started to heal,big shock ward and lincoln are leaving.i am heart throb of them.i have no idea where this will all leads.i mean come on everyone knows lincoln is daisys love interest.now he is gone and she became a stone.i'm in tears.waiting for next season.
Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
first i thought its gonna be a superhero show.but its not.its all about agents,inhumans,weapons.i love the tech used in this.great show from the beginning.i like grant ward and lincoln.waiting for next season.
Once Upon a Time
well the stories are different.
Once Upon a Time
love the tales.it really helps for those who dont know any fairy tale.cant stop watching.
The Tomorrow People
only one season!bitches.wheres the rest?oh damn!it ended:(good start wheres the rest?love the show.love the casting.
One Tree Hill
haley seems beautiful in the first but later shes not.i focussed on nathan,peyton,lucas,brooke....its an awesome show.always will be in my heart.
awesome music awesome songs awesome singers......everyting is so awesome.this made me cry.always wanna watch.
Scream Queens
thats it thats the end.feeling so bad and sad as it ended.awesome show.sorority girls.haha.too many murders.linked to everyone but no one can find the murder.good alliance.loved it.
unbelievably good.the best.yay QUANTICO.
One Tree Hill
wonderful show.awesome experience to watch this.i was around 4 when it was started.i didnt know about it then.i watched this 2 years ago in one whole month.i cant get this off my head.worth watching.from the bottom of my heart,i only love 7 seasons, the rest they didnt suck but not as amazing as the old ones.i felt so bad when lucas and peyton left with sawyer.:(i watched this show like 3 times from my first.always on the top.nathan is my true hero.he is so hot.peyton is beautiful.hailey seems b
New Girl
i will never get bore by watching this.the first seasons were on the top.the next i'm happy.during the first episode,while watching this i thought it was katy perry.knowing that she is not i felt so stupid and later i laughed at myself.good show.all time comedy.
The Vampire Diaries
i got pretty mad when i heard about its final season.huh!dont end this.please.damon,stefan i'm gonna miss you.
Chicago Fire
its my all time favorite.i like kelly.he is so hot.i really wanna be a firewoman.haha.they help people and they dont even care about fire.true friendship.love the story.best drama.cant stop watching it.you will always be in my heart all the characters.its so amazing when its all like a big family you know.chicago fire,p.d,med loved it.simply the best.
Chicago Fire
its my all time favorite.i like kelly.he is so hot.i really wanna be a firewoman.haha.they help people and they dont even care about fire.true friendship.love the story.best drama.cant stop watching it.you will always be in my heart all the characters.its so amazing when its all like a big family you know.chicago fire,p.d,med loved it.simply the best.
Teen Wolf
this is my first best show ever.the casting is sooooo good.love stiles.am i the only one who had a crush on DEREK?haha.i have watched the first 3 seasons like 3 times.truly amazing.love the story.felt bad when allison(crystal reed) left.she is so pretty.lydia too.by watching this i believed in werewolves once again which were my childhood nightmares.most of the show is in the dark well 65%.i like it.its a good mystery breaking show.i'm on cloud nine when i watch this show.really,i'm so excited a
The Originals
loved klaus accent.elijah is my all time favorite.hope is so cute.these siblings are so strong together.true vampires.sorry to say but its one ahead than THE VAMPIRE DIARIES.the spells are interesting thought i have heard them in movies related to witches and vampires mostly like HARRY POTTER.surprisingly we can see some of the cast members in the vampire diaries vice-versa as guests.looks like another twilight.
Modern Family
best family drama and comedy.loved it.
too bad it ended.:(
How I Met Your Mother
love you barney.i watched this show from season 2.i liked it from the start.later i watched season 1.loved all the characters.amazing story.
its beyond infinity.
simply no.1 show.love joey.love everyother.i give you infinity stars.
Pretty Little Liars
OMG finding A.its truly impossible.never know whats gonna happen next.cant trust anyone.it will develop our intelligence and our enthusiasm to know the A.nice cast.everyone gave a life to the characters.i can say i'm so addicted to this.i cant stop thinking about it.every episode gets interesting.the writers are so brilliant to write this kinda show.once you start watching this show,i'm sure you are gonna be addicted to this one.
The Flash
FLASH pretty FAST.loved all the characters.
oo ZOMBIE GIRL.first i am super crazy about this one.love the poster.well,in this show zombies are really different from the movies .first i thought it was a dead show.but it is an epic.great twists.
The Vampire Diaries
when i first started to watch this show i thought it is going to be another TWILIGHT.but its not.this is my favorite show.after watching this,i kinda have a crush on both salvatores. XD.i love to be a vampire.worth to watch it.