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Favorite Series

A Teacher
It does not feel real to me TBH, and they expect us to be uncomfortable with some scenes but come on the guy(s) looks his age (25). With the way they look, I feel they all college students so I don't mind the relation (still feels wrong to have a relation like that with a college teacher tho). Anyway, I still LOVE it!
Most Dangerous Game
Good show: good story and good actors!!! No time to rest and get bored. Maybe the end is too "quick"? Anyway. They should have done a movie instead of this stupid 8 minutes concept.
Dare Me
It was really good! Good actors/actresses and really good storyline ('small town life'). And honestly I wasn't expecting this story based on the trailer. It made me want to read the book because I want to know the rest of the story!!!! Obv I hope there is a season 2. This deserves a S2!!!!
Locke & Key
I think they tried to do smthing like the haunting of hill house. But it wasn't as good: the beginning was really good, then it started to get boring in the middle and the end was okay. Better than October faction tho. And good concept (loved the keys).
Nancy Drew (2019)
If you want an alternative to Riverdale where they don't pretend to be HS students, this is the show. Unfortunately shitty actor (except for the restaurant manager), Nancy voice is awful and the stories are quite stupid. But if you don't have nothing else to watch then... 5/10
October Faction
An ok show (6/10). Shitty love story tho, but the "rest" was a decent story. Might skip some part, sometimes it's just too boring.
Killer Inside: The Mind of Aaron Hernandez
Great documentary (10/10) except for the end : (SPOILER ALERT) how can they say he wrote a suicide letter to a gay lover ? It's a lie and there is no proof of that (3 letters: his lawyer, gf and kid). I believe he wasn't gay, no matter what his former 'friend' say, but he was for sure raped when he was a child (that might explain his relation with this guy if it's true). Obv he killed this Odin guy (but why!!!) but I don't believe it for the other two guy. Anyway sad story for all party involved
Spinning Out
I was ok (6/10), I didn't like the love stories, it was unnecessary and stupid (people really should respect personal space) and made me skip the scenes but the ice skating and friendship/family part was interesting.
Messiah (2020)
It was amaziiiiing !!!!! I almost wanted to fast forward because I needed to know what was going to happen !!!! I have so much questions and still no answers !!!!!! I am hoping for a S2 so badly !!!!!!! I give it a 10/10 !
Dare Me
First episode : 10/10 (better than this shitty esperia shit or idk).
The Witcher
I think it's an okay show (7/10). I wasn't expecting to stick around until the end but I did. But IMO there is not enough action sequences. I hope there is a S2 !
13 Reasons Why
I don't know what's worst : the storyline or the new character. Every episode there is a new suspect and the killer is revealed in the last episode so you don't have to watch every sec of every episode because it's quite stupid and boring. Unfortunately the new character will be in s4.
Chilling Adventures of Sabrina
The second season is really good. Sometimes you think the story last too long but then it's "another one" so you don't really have time to get bored. Anyway if you loved S1 you're going to love S2 and I'm waiting for S3 now !! This show is full of surprises !
Russian Doll
Clever and funny. You don't know what is going to happen and it's never boring. Moreover it's only around 25 min per episode so it's perfect too.
Chilling Adventures of Sabrina
Super good ! Can't believe it is made from the same ppl of Riverdale (because Riv is shitty) and except for the stupid high school drama at the beginning it's super good ! Totally different from the original version (this is not a comedy tv show) so they don't repeat the story some of us know and that's idea !
Light as a Feather
Good actors but unfortunately dumb story evolution
The Good Fight
So much better than the good wife (good at the beginning but not at the end) !! Usually I can't stand legal drama but this tv show is more than that and it's really good and well written ! A must see for sure !
Falling Water
Season 2 was much better than season 1 so it was worth it to keep watching even if sometimes it's quite slow. Anyway I don't know if it will be renewed but I certainly hope so.
it was really good ! If u like shows about serial killers and how they think and are catched, u'll like it (bonus point for the beautiful dreamy vintage cars).
Channel Zero
Didn't expect a season 2, and after the first episode i'll still in, hoping it'll be as good as s1 !
Bates Motel
I think the only time I felt bad for Norman was in the last episodes. I even cried for him lol. I don't know about the movie but this show was just amazing ! Everything in it ! I'm not interested in seeing the movie, this show was good enough for me ! I'm going to miss it ;-( but it had to end and it was a fucking great ending !
An amazing story and the actresses/actors are juste so good ! I highly recommend it ! I'm going to miss it but I look forward to season 2 and more !
Famous in Love
I don't know if she's a bad/not great actress or if it's just her character... Anyway I love Bella T so i'll keep watching and the story isn't that bad (i'm just at the beginning tho...).
The Magicians (2016)
Well I don't want to spoil anything and the show is quite different sometimes from the books but Amber and Umber appear in the end and Renard doesn't appear as much as in the tv show. In fact, he doesn't end up like in the show. You should definitely read the books, they are good !
The Magicians (2016)
I'm just scared that without adapting from the book (cause I really feel like they're using everything from the last books to do S2) , they'll make something shitty but let's hope for the best ! I'll be there for S3 for sure !
The Magicians (2016)
Waaaaaaaaaaaah !!!!!! But what are they going to do in S3 ?!!!! Anyway ! It's great news !!! I hope it'll be as good as S2 !!!
The Magicians (2016)
Season 2 is far better than S1 IMO and I guess it's the last season (after reading the books, it looks like they want to wrap it up this season).
13 Reasons Why
Really, really good ! Just thanks God, Selena Gomez has a limited role (her money and 2 awful songs) in this show, because the story is wow and all the actors are really good ! Anyway, worth watching ! Hated the end tho.
Marvel's Iron Fist
The only problem is the fighting... So boring and unimpressive. But at least the story is good (the beginning is a little slow).
Umaaa thurman !!! I love her !! And so far so good !
Gave up during episode 2...
Training Day
Really good first episode (for a cop show)! Maybe it's just me but I feel like there is a 90s vibe... which I like. But anyway interesting !
Santa Clarita Diet
Yeah that was funny !
It was okay. Let's see where it goes.
Mary Kills People Season 1 Episode 1
I wasn't expecting to like it but that looks promising lol
Conviction (2016)
Great cast, interesting stories and good playlists !
I really liked this show, I didn't feel like I wasted my time, I really hope there is a season 2 !
American Horror Story
I discovered this show starting by watching season 6 and I LOVED it ! Then I began watching the other seasons and I was not as impressed as I was expecting (especially s5) but still I'll try to watch every season.
12 seasons and still amazing ! Really LOVE this show !
When I read the description I wasn't sure I would be interested (It appears to be based on a movie, I don't know which one), but I was wrong, it's a really good show ! Looking forward to see more !!
People of Earth
It's funny ! Even if I find the "reptilian" story line kind of stupid it's still funny. The actor are pretty good at their job !
The Exorcist
Really love this show !! Except for the "walking on the wall" part (because come on!) the rest is really good. And I can't wait for the next episode !!
Falling Water
Intriguing and original tv show, really want to know what is going to happen.
Bored me after 4 episodes. Another cop show which try to be original and 'funny' I guess.
Loved this show ! Worth watching !
Channel Zero
So far soooo goooood !!!
Great show !!!
Everybody Hates Chris
OMG loved watching this show when it was on TV !! I was so sad when it ended :( ! I'm going to watch it again for sure :D
Wicked City
It was a good show ! Too bad it was cancelled.
Bull (2016)
Love it so far ! Was afraid it will be another typical 'law' (boring) show but not at all ! Really good show !
Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders
I was kind of bored sometimes but i still look forward to see season 2 !
Making a Murderer
OMG I loved this documentary !!! They did a really good job ! Not once i was bored ! I just want to know what's going to happen to the guy now !
Love this show so far !
Aftermath (2016)
Well i guess let's see where this show is going with its story. It's not bad but not great either so I think it's worth watching it until it'll start to be boring or too stupid.
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