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Hey! I'm a girl who likes to smile and obsess over show characters. My favourite show is definitely Teen Wolf so far, but it could change. Hope to meet loads of new friends xx

Favorite Series
Ughhhh this is definitely one of my favourite TV shows now! It keeps you guessing until the very end and the characters are easy to fall in love with (for me, i guess). Cannot wait for future seasons!!
The Rain
Season 1 was great and season 2 started a little slow, but was also great. I don't understand why there are bad rewiews; honestly think this show is under-rated.
This show was so entertaining and always kept me on my toes! Season 2 started of a bit boring but it got loads better. Definitely recommend for Horror Fans!
The Tomorrow People
This series is honestly one of the best and has a very unique story line. I'm upset that it's been discontinued but it was great while it lasted!
The Messengers
This show is soooo good! Plenty of plot twists and never a boring part. I'm so upset the show is cancelled but at-least they made 1 season!
13 Reasons Why
Season 1 is very powerful and inspiring. It shows reality in society- the worst parts of humanity. Cannot wait for Season 2
Teen Wolf
Omg, this is my favourite series of all time. Guys show love and support and recommend this to anyone who hasn't watched it!