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Favorite Series
Arrow Season 6 Episode 1
I want more. I want another episode! This season in my opinion is off to a great start and I can't wait for the next episode!
Once Upon a Time
I'll admit I wasn't really fond of the first season of the show but as the show progressed it got better, now this season 7 feels more like a spin-off of a great show with a few characters from the original, or even some kind of reboot of sorts that happens years after the show has finished minus the characters we got to know through the years, with only difference being it is still the same show they might have jumped a few years ahead but that doesn't change the vibe I get from the first episo
Pure Genius Season 1 Episode 4
I love this show, but I feel like this episode should be 2nd instead of fourth simply because this is basically W first week at Bunker Hill rather than 4th or longer. Other than that the episode was amazing, I hope that one day hospitals in real life will function in the way this hospital does.
Ghost Whisperer
Love this show. It is a shame it has been cancelled. Tried to find something similar to this show but so far I can't find anything even resembling this kind of tv show. The stories are very well written and I strongly recommend watching this show.
Scorpion Season 3 Episode 4
I agree with galaxyostars the episode was really good and better than the previous one and I mean THE FINAL SCENE. Wow. Pieced the thing a bit earlier but still seeing this actually happen at the end of the episode I mean. Can't wait for the next episode.