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Favorite Series
Into the Night (BE)
Entirely watchable. I binged watch this in an evening and eagerly await a second series.
A tale of unrequited love between to L.A. homicide detectives, 'Crate' Solomon and 'Barrrel' Glanville, set against the backdrop of Holywood law enforcment. The show also features a dog.
Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 7 Episode 5
This just hits the spot for me, the tricky season 7 sees more cookie dough humour served from the same old plate with crack in it, probably dropped by Gina, whom you all remember. Ouch, my sides.
Locke & Key
I have to agree it is better than October Faction, but with door almost literally left open for season two the end smattered of desperation. The original comic book wrapped it up there, and with an exception of the fire key, for myself, held a lot of water. Wonderfully cast, including the actually 17 year old, Emilia Jones, whom I would give my pocket money to just to hold hands.
The Magicians (2016) Season 5 Episode 1
How may this much eye candy be wrong? Hell, I'd say there is even something for the ladies.
A bitter-sweet romance set against the backdrop of mindless violence. "To the end of the world."
Entirely watchable. Sadly series five is the last, however, this is the only thing that sucks about this show, as all good things must come to an end, and makes me ask, "'What the hells' am I going to watch now"?
Pearson Season 1 Episode 1
A warm and rich script and a matching cast, with the one exeption, sadly, being the lead actress.
The Sinner
Season two pulls through in the end, and apart from the "icing on the cake" scene at the end, is a winner.
Killjoys Season 5 Episode 1
What the hells! The Brothers and 'sisters' return with another helping of mean with the green action & adventure, laced with thier own brand of humour & 'joy'.
Legion Season 3 Episode 4
Well, the gang has disbanded taking opposite sides of the sofa, and even Lenny’s multiple personalities can’t save them. Throw in the usual paradox created by time travel, and the moustache sporting ladies are the least of your worries.
The Sinner
Each season sees Detective Harry Ambrose tackle another obscure crime, bringing light to an otherwise dark situation.
Legion Season 3 Episode 3
We are born many, and die but one. this episode may have made a nice musical.
Stranger Things
Watch "Stranger Things", here on Watchepisodes.com. Season three of the trip down memory lane for the over thirty five's with a twist of the surreal for good measure.
After a tricky series nine, Archer returns with almost brilliance, barring Pam's Millennial insertions. I'm sorry, however, they are not big, and not hard, and she needs to put them away. Otherwise, gold stars all round.
So in season two, the imaginary friend, "Happy", is no longer seen by the little girl, making it "Trippy". In other spoiler alerts, even imaginary Unicorns can get the horn. Whilst I liked season one, this is very much just "Wishies" - "Washies".
I Am the Night
A true story surrounding the sadly famous Black Dahlia murder, about the grandaughter and a reporter who tries to bring down the likely perpetrator of the crime.
Deadly Class Season 1 Episode 7
A diamond in the rough, "This is about to get weird". Brian Posehn as Shandy.
Expedition Unknown
Cheeky Chappie Josh visits truely fabulous places around the world in the name of archaeology. A thin broth well presented in exquisite crockery.
A homage to the Late Great Roger "Syd" Barret of, who as a bright young thing founded and led The Pink Floyd Band, and-put down to a 'bad ' acid trip- became a social recluse unable to deal with the fame and fortune he'd created. Wonderfully held to together by the ever changing roles played by Aubrey Plaza.
having read the reviews, I am absolutely clueless, however, a big round of applause to Ethan1995. Pictute in the post.
To describe time travel in layman's terms, imagining dropping some, say, wine down the front of your sofa, you start cleaning the front, then the sides, then the cushions, by which time you forgotten what you were doing in the first place. Watchable, just.
DARK Season 1 Episode 10
To describe time travel in layman's terms, imagining dropping some, say, wine down the front of your sofa, you start cleaning the front, then the sides, then the cushions, by which time you forgotten what you were doing in the first place. Watchable, just.
The Magicians (2016)
A bunch of college drop-outs drop into a College of Magic, having read the the small print on their application forms. Fuelled by drink and drugs, the plot also features the occasional unicorn.
Altered Carbon
An interstellar plot that holds a lot of water, supported by a stellar cast bar a couple of apple bobbers, The plot takes a turn away from the murder to the relationship beween brother and sister and is held together in narrative and performance by the Hotel/Bartender, A boxset's boxset.
Sin City meets Toy Story, Epic.
Stranger Things
One for the fourty-somethings, with all of the period fixtures and fittings. The plot is beliveable and kept thicker than whitewash with the ultimate question of what does the 'UpsideDown' want? (Possibly a cup of sweet tea)
A brilliant series, sadly ruined by Hannibal. This is pure poetry, bringing art out of the macabre, and as a Will Graham 'stand alone', I could have watched it to the end.
Taboo (2017) Season 1 Episode 8
The best series I have watched-in not much more than 48 hours-in a while. It's titled Taboo, so expect a walk on the dark side.