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  • 13% Comedy
  • 10% Mystery
  • 8% Fantasy
  • 6% Crime
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a coffee lover who love spending her weekend binge watching TV series with hot pizza and cold beer.

Favorite Series

Riverdale Season 2 Episode 3
can somebody tell me which link is working?
why all the link doesnt work?
Crazy Ex-Girlfriend
hilarious and funny. good serial to watch after long day and it's getting better and better in season 3
Keeping Up with the Kardashians
i'm not fans of kardashians, but i love how they're interact and treat their fams in the shows. the show is not so bad, i like this family
13 Reasons Why
great story, amazing actors and beautifully written. i was hooked since the first 10 minutes and can't stop until i finished. hate the ending tho, like.. a bit let down? i think
This Is Us
this series.. is amazing. i thought it's just another drama, but i was wrong. it brought everyday life issues and written beautifully. i feel like i restored my humanity after i watch this
New Girl
honestly, i thought it's lost the fun and laughs at season 3, but then coach comeback and i loovvee dynamic in seasons 5 (when coach join the gang), every character shown its characteristic. i hope the dynamic, jokes and fun are keep going
The Royals
not so bad. i didn't really sure about season 1, for me it's like not clear about what the series are about, but i keep going because i love mark (who made this series) and it turns out awesome!! i really love new dynamic in season 3, and keep feeling royal hangover :)