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Favorite Series

Strange Angel
Strange as in RETARDED??? Strange as in RETARDED.
Most Expensivest
Twwwwoooo Chainz rides on a towed boat. He really is different.
Good Omens
Inaccurate mockery of the bible. Rhino is the misinterpretation of the unicorn, but they added a unicorn. Anywho, I forgive the clowns that created this.
Swamp Thing (2019)
Nothing like Batman on DC. He's a dirty superhero, but it's like a Batman production. Can't hate!
It was a time everyone could have died. Nuclear holocaust and radiation.
Secret Lives of the Super Rich
Thanks! It's here now!
Hatton Garden
Taking notes from these old blokes. Relax and take notes.
Shark Tank
In close attention, Mark Cuban usually invests in college alumni. Mr. Wonderful is such a wiener with his "you're dead to me..." slogan. Barbara was hot back in the day, and is the most empathetic. Lori cares only for QVC. Damon always has a nonchalant face. Herjavec is a 25 supercar class clown.
This is a great show about the elites. Hedge funds and politicians.
Shark Tank
Bingin' through the seasons ^_^
American Gods
May the GODS be with you! ^_^
Black Summer
Hella scary... Not those slow ass zombies from Walking Dead :O
Both have skills. I almost forgot this was not John Wick's daughter.
Street Fighter: Assassin’s Fist
thought it was a movie 2
Valley of the Boom
get that money
Deadly Class
ouch. damn. ouch.
watch it here: www2.fmovies.taxi bookmark it here SPAM :O
The Passage
Trained by Mr John Wick's trainer.
Titans (2018)
It gets better by each show, and better than many comic series.
13 Reasons Why
Lost in Space (2018)
they like the plot or trailer.
Well 1st episodes always funny. It died out on me, but if you like Wayans Brothers type comedy or mockery, this might be it.
LOL LOL it's killer watch it.
The OA
Season 2 is in the making. This should be hot!
Black Lightning
nevertheless (aka hyperspeed), you're such a retard who posted in the wrong place, Again. Your stupid multiple accounts trace back to the same ip address. Nevertheless = foreverthedumb.
Marvel's Cloak & Dagger
@hyperspeed stfu nevertheless, again. It's a gang of nevertheless defending nevertheless. Account HISTORY of the poorly educated clones. You hop accounts to support yourself. Desperate to the extreme. Here comes attack of the clones, but I don't value playing kids games. Like nevertheless who forgot to graduate high school correctly. You lost.
Marvel's Cloak & Dagger
? Look who's talking. Stop trying to be funny, your stupidity is already laughable at. Go finish high school again, and pass it this time.
Marvel's Cloak & Dagger
Shutup nevertheless (trinity). Stop getting too high. Go back and finish high school, while your grammar is terribly hilarious. You bitch about what people watch, and you back yourself up ---- because you're too lame to read or speak to properly.
Altered Carbon
Obviously he can't post right, but it doesn't make me an attention whore if you look around. However this is not a chatting forum, it's meant for reviews only. Ignore the ignoramuses guys. Done.
Altered Carbon
Most people know you have multiple accounts. We don't want to explain why and waste our time. You feel 7 feet tall here and care of others because you in denial about yourself. Go ahead gtfo cunt. Get a damn education!
Altered Carbon
Fuck you I already expressed my interest. It's a review section, not a place for debate like you retards who can't spell shit. Go back to grade school. Neverisdumbshit has multiple accounts you scandalous bitch.
Altered Carbon
❤ scifi ~ it's hot!
Falling Water
Awesome sci fi thriller reminds me of Inception. So hot.
Falling Water
Awesome sci fi thriller reminds me of Inception. So hot.
Mary Kills People
Bracelet so bright you see it through a blindfold Wrist got so many cuts you'd think I'm suicidal Whip and coming out the next shit I had to get it ordered My cop be talking back to me like my little daughter Hope you understand you paying for it at a set price Life is more vindictive than a better ex wife's It's more deadly than a tail on a scorpion I'm going in for the kill Dr. Kevorkian xD
Sons of Anarchy
a lot of heat in this... XD
Marvel's Inhumans
Just enjoy the damn show. I watch twitch now ;p
DC's Legends of Tomorrow
Hate the constant fast talking and yelling!
The Good Doctor
So a good doctor makes other doctors look stupid. This is cliche, and will get old soon.
The Handmaid's Tale
Great. 2nd season in '18.
The Strain
Quinlan's gunfu is amazing.
The Tick (2016)
It's better as a cartoon--too silly as real life. There are no die hard Tick fans. Unless it's Deadpool, I'll watch it! Tick is straight Kids' show!
Mr. Mercedes
The psychotic episode is stuck in my mind.
that was hooooooot!
The Mist
Better and looks promising for what the pilot should be.
Blood Drive
Ah, what a painful introductory... x_x still watching tho!
Fear the Walking Dead
hope i actually have fear this time
Into the Badlands
this is like walking dead on steroids.
American Gods
that was hhhhooooooot!
The Mist
let's pray it's not a bummer this time. not even out. trailer is always good.
oooops i missed 80 episodes
Silicon Valley
The plots are very credible and shows dark side of investors and rivals. Wacky team but they can be clever too.
they all scream louder than half the people in the projects
Better Call Saul
Saul is Arabian. Heisenberg is German. Pinkman is... Bitch.
Teen Wolf
no need to weep when you have shows like Riverdale + Stranger Things
Rick and Morty
shall be something to kill time with
13 Reasons Why
hmm.. I guess the ratings speak iteself. So I rate 10 without watching yet ^_^
Marvel's Iron Fist
-3 on the fighting looks framed by a tae kwon do instructor, but otherwise good story..
Gangland Undercover
doh! i skipped season 1. i'm blind.
Taken (2017)
I felt no suspense like the movie had, and it feels like another cop show.
The 100
lose the phony language, they killed it.
it's fyre - in a bizarre way
Legion Season 1 Episode 1
its fyre - in bizarre kind of way
Pure Genius
Mel Gibson is the man. lol.
Archie comics
Dragon Ball Kai
opps it was a remake, i still watch tho :/
Dragon Ball Kai
wtf, wtf, i thought they stopped making it. i'm blind.
Under the Dome
I don't think a small town would look This good, unless it's Clovis county. ahahahaha
Good Behavior
I LIKE IT!!!!!!!
Travelers (2016)
this happens in real life but they keep it on the low tho
Travelers (2016)
this happens in real life but they keep it on the low tho
Marco Polo
aww they cancel
The Exorcist
She's kinda cute!
The OA
worth every minute
Teen Wolf
show has bigger ballz than i thought tho
He Is Van Damn!
getting better.
supernatural extraterrestrial i love that song
Designated Survivor
Trump's not gonna make it
Marvel's Luke Cage
show is badass
This Is Us
Story was brilliant and exotic. Didn't expect it to be so gripping on the 1st episode.
The Strain
Latino guy come from a blood movie it seems. Everyone's other enemies speaks very proper and cordially. Not a horror fan nor longer, but the creepers would keep my lights on 10 years ago.
Bates Motel
It's unique all around with a dark atmosphere and that's why I like it.
Game of Thrones
only reason you like this is the teen tits!
almost forgot the vikings robbed the churches
The Night Of
Good acting, footage, and story for ep.1 thus far!