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  • 26% Drama
  • 15% Fantasy
  • 11% Action
  • 9% Adventure
  • 6% Mystery
  • 6% Sci-Fi
  • 27% Others
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Favorite Series
Star Trek: Discovery
It's great and beautiful show
Midnight, Texas
i like good show
ًW T F problem with this site pisode 5 S is released! Here there is only the episode 1
good Show and true NASA can not see a meteor coming to Earth until it is too late
America's Got Talent Season 12 Episode 7
WTF IS This The people in charge of this site have become one of the best web site to disguise one
The Mist
I have seen t episode 2 and 3 in another site and here I see only episode 1 why not released! yet
The Originals
First Vampire Diaries And Now The Originals can not believe this is the end
The Mist
The film was very nice and I hope the show it is beautiful
American Gods
I enjoyed every second from show
13 Reasons Why
I can not describe strange series
Arrow Season 5 Episode 10
very, very boring
Emerald City
Best Fantasy show in 2017
The first season was pretty but the new episodes soooooooooo bad each episode 90 minute Why
Emerald City
i like the show
Gosh each episode becomes the most beautiful show
The Grand Tour (2016) Season 1 Episode 4
A wonderful program, but there is a problem with sound
3% Season 1 Episode 1
Sorry is not good
Aftermath (2016)
Everything bad in this series, I do not know why still shows on TV
Frontier (2016)
i like this show.
What is this you kidding season 5 is not very good I do not love him anymore
The Librarians Season 1 Episode 10
Sometimes I wish that there is magic in the world
The Librarians
one of the beter shows I saw wow
I did not understand what is the meaning of what this series No story
Fear the Walking Dead
Season 2 is much better I think Season 3 it will be the most beautiful
nice show
Van Helsing
It seems nice series
Van Helsing
Hard to say, but it seems pretty show
The Vampire Diaries Season 7 Episode 23
I think the season has ended with no episode 23
Top Gear
What's that I no longer watch the program
The first episode fantastic
The Vampire Diaries
It's the most beautiful series
:) i like
DC's Legends of Tomorrow
It is very boring series
The 100
10 10
The 100
10 10
The 100
Is there a beautiful series
Witches of East End
Is there a beautiful series
The Vampire Diaries
I love the Vampire diaries