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  • 16% Fantasy
  • 11% Sci-Fi
  • 10% Mystery
  • 10% Action
  • 10% Adventure
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Favorite Series
The I-Land
i watched it in 1 day its so good from ep 3 everything is awesome
its really good , i cant wait for the full release of episodes !
Famous in Love
We so need another season , i watched the whole season 1 and its so great but i just dont understand the ending... coz we start the series way after the final episode and the whole season 1 is just 1 year before so this is a huge cliff.. and very risky coz they dont even know if theyre will be a season 2 but they definitly have alot stories to tell so i guess they will
Famous in Love
I started the show , its great but im so tired of her talking about school.. im like yo get over it you are a star now..
The Flash Season 3 Episode 20
he cant come from 2054 he looks just as young as the current 2017 flash.. unless hes immortal coz of cell regenerations
The Flash Season 3 Episode 20
the episode gonna be uploaded here in approx 2-3 hours.
The Flash Season 3 Episode 20
24 hours until we know who is savitar!
Time After Time (2017)
Iove it so far !:D
The Vampire Diaries Season 8 Episode 16
i dont understand the part where elena see her whole family again , did they just skip the fact that she had a whole life with demon and then they both died old or something? Also , for caroline she prob will be with claus or something in the next season on the originals ( also spoiler that Klaus will be fine haha )
Shadowhunters Season 2 Episode 1
The season 2 is awesome !
omg ! this is so good ! now that i watched the whole season online i must wait even longer to know if theres gonna be a season 2