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Favorite Series
Arrow Season 2 Episode 13
Lorel is such a huge bitch...
Arrow Season 2 Episode 12
That Suicide Squad reference tho :D
Arrow Season 2 Episode 7
Wow didn't see the end coming at all! Great episode, so much tension
Arrow Season 2 Episode 6
as much as I hate Laurel I love Sarah lol
Arrow Season 2 Episode 3
did officer lance just threw away a completely fresh hot dog around 04:30 what the fuck xD
Lucifer Season 1 Episode 13
SOILER! omg mum??? wonder who is that? Was thinking Lilith maybe, since she's called the mother of Demons, or maybe the Darkness? Like in Supernatural? Or Eve? Marry? Oh I just love this show, can't wait for season 2
Lucifer Season 1 Episode 9
OH MY GOD the Devil plays Knocking on Heavens door I'm so done. best. series. ever.
Arrow Season 2 Episode 2
I hate Laurel tbh
Arrow Season 1 Episode 22
I can't stand Laurel..
Arrow Season 1 Episode 20
someone really needs to fix Laurel's eyebrows
Arrow Season 1 Episode 13
okay, laurel's eyebrows are the most annoying thing in the world. There are 2 thin lines and I can't look at anything else but them, someone plese fix it, i't goddamn ugly
still remains as one of my favourite series of all time
Marvel's Daredevil Season 2 Episode 13
This show is just amazing!! Loved the episode and OMG the ending..
The Magicians (2016)
I really don't like this show, now don't get me wrong I love magic and all that, but the main actor is just horrible in my opinion and the whole show is just chaotic. Not a fan :/
Marvel's Daredevil Season 2 Episode 12
Quitch how stupid are you? Ever heard of spoilers? Moron.
The 100 Season 3 Episode 3
I really don't like Bellamy's girfriend
The 100
This show is not just for young adults, sure it has romance and all the post-apocalyptic sh*t witch is awesome. But it lines up so incredibely hard questions to answer and decisions to make, this show questions every single bit of humanity and it's boundaries. Honestly a great show with a lot deeper meaning...It truly makes a person wonder about serious questions from different point of view!
The 100 Season 2 Episode 11
This show keeps fascinating me, it really makes you think about different sides of a point and also lines up incredibely hard questions. Truly a brilliant show!
The 100 Season 2 Episode 10
The end omfg noooooo :(
The 100 Season 2 Episode 8
OMG I cried like a baby
The 100
Love this show! I only discovered it yesterday and I'm already at season 2! Honestly every episode is soooo intense! Amazing show, awesome concept, stunning characters, love it!
The 100 Season 2 Episode 3
Not my babe Lincoln!
still favourite show of all time!
I just love this show and everything about it!
The Magicians (2016)
I kindof liked the concept at the beginning but the protagonist just annoys the hell outta me. Bad acting, bad character, just no.