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  • 11% Crime
  • 8% Action
  • 7% Thriller
  • 5% Fantasy
  • 5% Mini-Series
  • 28% Others
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Favorite Series
Tehran Season 1 Episode 1
Why are there no links
Just another Blacks only C-Grade series, not much worse watching it
Vis a Vis Season 1 Episode 1
No english subtitle
Empire Season 6 Episode 11
Tune it down cookie you are sounding crazy like a wash wife
Strike Back
Series 8 Episode 3 screened on February 28 not on march 10
Hunters (2020)
So bad but what can be expected, filmed mostly from the judes point of view and not realistic at all, a 10 for the songs
Cherish the Day
Working links please, first 4 are f....ked up, didn't try more
Episode 6 that is
just watch the last 15 minutes 3/10
Deputy Season 1 Episode 6
Just watch the last 15 minutes, 3/10
Chicago P.D.
Well Kim, at last you are paying for your stupidity, I hope it teaches you not to throw the rules how you want them to
The Last Kingdom
Season 4 is coming in 2020 hurrah
Dare Me Season 1 Episode 5
When you're assaulted you don't keep quiet and when no one hears you speak out lauder 'till they do
All American (2018) Season 2 Episode 1
wtf, all links are deleted
Beforeigners Season 1 Episode 1
Luther Gremory There are no links
October Faction
Maybe when I don't have anything else to watch I'll try this one again, for now I'm done with Horror series
I gave this a miss after 2 eps, boring from the beginning, fall asleep all the time, the synopsis is better than the actually series, 2/10
The Oval
The word series I've ever seen, 1/10
The Oval Season 1 Episode 11
This is the worst series I've seen
Chicago Med Season 5 Episode 11
I think Natalie is a real piece of work
Truth Be Told (2019)
I have watched all 6 eps, Storyline is ok but I don't like missy frogeye, her role is too obsessive and anything for a good story, even putting her husband last, I don't like journos anyway,
A good Story but a bit excessive in Emma's Obsession to find her mom's murder
Black Lightning
What's there to say?
Seal Team
It's getting worse, Eps 9 more days of our life than Seal Team, bravo 1 sections sooooooooo boring
The Oath
This is not ''the oath'' 2019 series about the cop gang named ''Raven'' which I'm giving 10/10
The Good Doctor
Season 3 nearly finish but only January, can't wait
Chicago P.D.
It's getting better every season
Seal Team Season 3 Episode 7
Just watch the last 10 minutes
Seal Team
From eps to eps it's getting worse, bravo one, David Boreanaz, I hate that guy always have, somehow he gives the impression of being arrogant, never watched any of his other series and won't watch this one any longer or in fast forward
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fifi949 added Immigration Nation to his/her Favorites
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