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Favorite Series
One of the best supernatural shows that has ever aired. I was very disappointed that it was cancelled.
Family Ties
Who grew up in the 80's and didn't like this show? Great family fun....would be good to have a show like this on the air in these days.
The West Wing
BEST political drama ever done.
Miami Vice
One of the best cop buddy shows of the 80's. It still hasn't lost it's place in my heart.
Best comedy ever, don't make comedies this good anymore. Joey and Rachel are my favorite characters by far.
My wife and I love the show but the writing gets stale and laziness comes in through about half the episodes in any given season. If the writers would put forth the effort then the show would be second to none but as it is we have to settle for amazing episodes mixed with b.s. and sub-par episodes mixed in with great.
Hawaii Five-0
Give it a try- I love the show and have since seeing the first episode. My wife has taken some time to come around though. Plenty of action, good strong story line....could do without the Catherine/Steve dynamic though. Other than that, it's a great show.
Hawaii Five-0 Season 7 Episode 11
I usually love their Christmas episodes but this one was horrible at least from that standpoint. It had nothing to do with Christmas and the fact that they ended the episode the way they did right before Christmas seems rather cold and calloused. I understand the story line going in that direction but really....the episode right before Christmas and then having to wait weeks to find out what happened. This had to be my least favorite episode thus far.
Overall I loved the show. There was a lot more that could have been done with the shows and with the lead characters. The dynamic between Audrey and Nathan was a let down, there was little chemistry between them. There was more chemistry between Audrey and Duke, I personally think the show would have lasted longer and have been better had the writers decided on making the love connection between Audrey and Duke verses Audrey and Nathan. It's not that I disliked Nathan's character but just the d