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i like tv. i review as though it were film class. I'm a person that can skip an episode and not feel fomo. bigest GA fan but i started in s4 and skipped 7.

Favorite Series
The Great
excellent faux history comedy , loved the portrayal by elle fanning. this was delightful
Motherland: Fort Salem
Surprised to have been interested beyond the first few episodes but the story has enough twists to invite you until the acting gets better. nice female led action fantasy drama. novel plot and plenty options for future development.
Altered Carbon
felt entertained for large sections of each episode. its got quite good special effects. Most of all i found it believable that Takeshi when playing as Mackie is equally gruff,alcoholic and trained assassin. would give s1 a 7 but not better in many respects except for freshness.a
Lincoln Rhyme: Hunt for the Bone Collector Season 1 Episode 2
Only continuing to watch this as a Jeffery Deaver fan and see how it goes. But the artistic production is not so appealing, the way the plot developed in 102 was heavy handed and deliberately simplified. the actors casted arent so bad and the script has fine points of phrase, but the interaction between characters seems forced. also disappointed in the blackfishing of kebbers. When she is with a POC she appears orange and the rest of the time white white.
Star Trek: Discovery
drifting into a more original sci fi story. its delivered well sound effects on the bridge are so cool. real new ground for star trek. a great interpretation. like the captain mike. tad devilish but supremely magnaminous. Soneeqah martin green is talented.
Star Trek: Discovery Season 2 Episode 7
drifting into a more original sci fi story. its delivered well sound effects on the bridge are so cool. real new ground for star trek. a great interpretation. like the captain mike. tad devilish but supremely magnaminous. Soneeqah martin green is talented.
Titans (2018)
i thoroughly enjoyed this first episode. only knowing animated titans it was entertaining. effects wise it was noir believable and casting is good. the black starfire furor will evaporate, twas a very good true portrayal
New Girl
Season 7 was wonderful. lovely deserved ending for everyone. including finally hearing nicks korean friend
Star Trek: Discovery Season 1 Episode 14
this show brought star trek into a new era. they should keep this up. incredible directing and story.
i didnt watch black-ish so i didnt approach this show till episode 5. Interesting and real portrayal of college life in a delicate humour. not much profundity and accurate tribulations so far. didnt know yara shahidi before this. kinda centres on her, and shes a great thespian, wonderfully drawing you in and emotive delivery of plot. a++
Mr. Robot
The defining emotional note of Season 3 was the crushing realization that your life is not your own, that you’ve been made a tool of shadowy power and the debilitating powerlessness of incomplete info. I expect season 4 will be a masterwork in the adage "control is an illusion". Season 3 was terrific. what a series by esmail
thanks for clearing that up grantimus01, i thought you were just peeved at the guy for no reason. I hope he is not malicious but just ingenious/hustler type. Extra sad if he is funding terrorism. I think my AVG stops it. Cause i checked out the link once, as you know a backup site assessment. Bitcoin mining on sites is almost going to be part and parcel on any free content in the future. so i'm mostly worried its not hacking my credit.imagine that. nightmarish
test please delete if admin
Amazing. I only will ever get as far as midway through episode 2. This show is terrifically contrived. the producers went ham for checking boxes. the final straw for me was the moriarty like phd fellow. wow. so many tropes in this series, if you are thinking its a ground breaking new theme you are seeing trees when theres a forest, good value at best to spend 47mins, for a tv show. felt predictable.
Supernatural Season 13 Episode 5
what on earth did they tell the police? lol. i thought they were maybe gonna tell the widow and splits but the scene showing them at the crime scene is almost unbelievable since there was no ,for instance, pre-work with police during episode. just i guess a continuity query for me. and i thought maybe dean would have got away from his sadness if only Billie answered him.
It was very enjoyable to the end. Some people will notice its always going for the super obvious trope. Missed some opportunities to address homophobia. Director did make very good artistic choices. think locale was chosen for filming costs. story done by a high end production team would rival billions.