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  • 8% Crime
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Favorite Series
Best comedy show ever made.
Peaky Blinders
If you are a fan of Sopranos, you will like this show. Very quality by all means.ou an clearly see the similarities with the high quality US series and they have gone for this market and there is clearly lots here that could make it a fantastic long running series.Sadly, I am concerned that the BBC won't be able to retain the quality levels and we won't see it evolve in the way that the sopranos (yes I compare this show to the sopranos and boardwalk empire) evolved. Please push this internationa
Fargo Season 2 Episode 1
WTF it turned into completely new series. Anyone know why?
The Lost Room
What a mini-series!!! I absolutely loved this show!!! It left me wanting more. The story line was absolutely fascinating. And I thought the acting was excellent. I too enjoyed Peter Kraus in Six Feet Under; he's a very talented actor and I feel he will go very far. Please, please bring this back as a series!!!! I loved it and would watch it faithfully! Thank you for bringing such an interesting show to us.
Supergirl Season 1 Episode 2
are you fcking retards? It says it's not aired yet but you are asking where the watch button is....
Pretty good TV Show. The topic is good, pilot is good and I'm surprised that music used in the show could be real hit in real life, they are also pretty good. I'd live 8-9 stars but acting and shooting are not so good. Despite these I recommend this show
Scream Queens
This is worse than Twilight...
Boardwalk Empire
It's worth watching every minute and shot. Steve Buscemi definitely deserves an Emmy for his portrayal of "Nucky." I haven't enjoyed a show this much since Sopranos. A must watch for drama and crime fans
If you like crime series you will love this show. Great performance by Wagner Moura.
It is like a long movie, total production length is 360 minutes. Watched all episodes at once, never bored. Recommended
Ballers Season 1 Episode 9
I hate Vernon's buddy, what a douchebag
Very good TV series, fun to watch. But 25mins / episode is really short considering you wait for the new episode for a week.
Below my expectations 6.5/10