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Favorite Series
great show it's like man with a plan just with adult kids so it's much funnier.
a very nice show the third and fourth seasons are better than the first and second seasons
Life Sentence
this is a very nice show, but you need to note that there are only 13 episodes.
Life Sentence
this is a very nice show, but you need to note that the show has only 13 episodes.
greate show much better than the movie, by the way, don't be discouraged from watching the show even if you watched the movie.
To be honest I am tired of this type of shows that repeat the same polt every other episode
Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman
I hate that they canceled the show before the fifth season
The Big Bang Theory
I will miss this show.
Modern Family
great show I really recommend watching.
Mary Kills People
that is one boring show
The X-Files
I watched half of the first season and I have to say that this is a bad show, written badly with a boring plot.
The Americans
but I wouldn't watch it because of the ending (if you didn't like Dexter's ending you will not like this ending)
The Americans
my god, this is a great fucking show.
damn it I saw the movie already
The Magicians (2016)
this show is really intriguing and amusing .If you watch only 3 episodes you are not going to like the show but if you go in to it will you will get carried in. I really do recommend trying it out.
I loved the show, but the ending ruined the show for me.
the show is really good but the original show is much better in my opinion -"Beverly Hills, 90210"
the show is really good but the original show is much better in my opinion
The Office
I finally finished watching all nine seasons of this show. I don't know what to write about this show, I am honestly out of words to say about this amazing show, and I think if someone hasn't watched this show until the end or at all, he can not say he watched a TV show in his entire life.
The Office
I love this show, I really do recommend it.
Beverly Hills, 90210
I finished this show a long time ago but I can not forget the show ,I recommend it to everyone to at least try it.
Second Chance (2016)
when will they stop canceling great shows???
I hate when they cancel good show for no damn reason
Animal Kingdom (2016)
great show, watch it on TV so they will not cancel it!!!!!!!!
La Femme Nikita
That is one of the best shows I ever watched I recommend to at least try to watch it . further more I would like to recommend you to watch the new version of the show but with a different ending "nikita" -
Taken (2017)
there is a second season already , what are you waiting for? it's a great show.
I love this show but I must say I hate Rachel so much
it a shame this show ended :( I really loved it
True Blood
everyone must at least to try the 3 first episode of this amazing show .
Malcolm in the Middle
I just finished the show and I must say I loved every season episode
Marvel's The Punisher
the first couple of episodes are boring, but after that it gets interesting .
Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles
it's really a shame that this show was cancelled since it was one of the best show fox ever created but even so I do not recommend starting to watch because you will be sad at the end.
I am really disappointed that this show was canceled and I wouldn't recommend watching it for that reason, although the show was interesting until it was canceled.
Malcolm in the Middle
funniest show ever!!!!!!!
A to Z
I really hope there will be another season
Hawaii Five-0
great show
I love this show, I recommend watching it.
Raising Hope
I don't think many people know this show, but I do recommend watching it. At the the beginning it may not look like a good show but it's actually an amazing show , it's very funny and has some drama in it but not to much.
Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
I just started the thread season and so far I love the show ,
Baby Daddy
I love this show, I hope there will be another season
I'm Sorry
it's funny how inappropriate andrea's behavior is .
Marvel's Iron Fist
I really liked this series despite that I didn't like the luke cage series and everybody have different opinions on seriess ,so I think everybody should at least try see 1 episode.
Painkiller Jane
I didn't see the show here but it's an amazing show
Modern Family
this is the fannyest show of al times.
Kyle XY
why did the show has been stoped?
Kyle XY
why did the show has been stoped?
Kyle XY
why did the show has been stoped?
Kyle XY
why did the show been stop?
Kyle XY
why did the show been stop?
Marvel's Jessica Jones
good but not great
Teen Wolf
steel waiting for season 6
I was erong the uk version is much funnier verion.
funny as hell
Hemlock Grove
the show is boring
the us version is a much better version but it's stil a very funny .
Almost Human
I didn't exepcted much of this show but the show is raely good
Van Helsing
the first episod is realy good
not that intresting but it's spend time
Two and a Half Men
it's sucks that charlie sheen left the show. the show not that good withuot him.
Person of Interest
bifor I started to see this show I thought that this show is shit but after I started to see this show I couldn't stop /
Modern Family
I watched the all seasons and I cann't say any thing bad about this show.
Ash vs Evil Dead
funny in some way but I wouldn't recommend this show to every body because it's wood be a litel bit repulslive.
Ash vs Evil Dead
funny in some way but I wouldn't recommend this show to every body because it's wood be alitel bit repulslive.
Baby Daddy
funniest show ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Baby Daddy Season 5 Episode 18
funiest show ever !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Wynonna Earp
best shaow ever!!!!!!!!!!1
True Blood
love this show !!!!!!!!!!
it's sucks that the show ended because the show was graet.
that my favorite show it's the best show and I recommend it to every bady and it's sucks that the show ended.