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  • 14% Adventure
  • 14% Action
  • 11% Fantasy
  • 10% Sci-Fi
  • 6% Horror
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Favorite Series

The Walking Dead: World Beyond Season 1 Episode 2
I stopped watching TWD after they caught Negan and stopped watching FTWD after they killed Madison then that show went way down hill so i'm happy to have another Show but the walkers in this show are stupid and too easy to kill so i hope they change that soon.
The Walking Dead: World Beyond
Would have been nice to get a double episode as it was a bit slow for me but i liked it.
Fire Force
I'm guessing their are no admins on this site to ban ratchetrookie?
Cursed (2020)
Merlin remake with a female lead?
Warrior Nun
Not the best story i have seen but the acting was great so i don't think a few of these people commenting actually watched the show,Season 1 seems more like backstory to me so hopefully theres alot more action in the 2nd season if they have another
The Luminaries
I don't understand why that terrible website chillinflix is always being advertised on this website.This website is 100 times better than chillinflix
DC's Stargirl
I would just ignore those two weirdo's they are just looking for attention, i think it already looks better than Supergirl and Batwoman
Top Gear
Nepal Special 29/12/19
The Witcher
There's no need to go to that boring website chillnflix, links are working perfectly on this site.