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Favorite Series
Wynonna Earp
frankly, i've fallen in love with this show in such a short period of time
i don't know what to make of this show. my initial thought was that this show will be great since it's a doctor who spin off but it's sort of boring and at the same time addicting
American Horror Story Season 8 Episode 5
The first 3 episodes were kinda boring but from episode 4 it all started to become really intense! It's 100% worth watching but you must have a strong stomach for it
Lost in Space (2018)
I am surprised by the fact that this show is not predictable at all! The effects are amazing and the acting is good, idk why there are so many comments saying it's bad
American Horror Story
I'm back again, 'spamming' the chat. So I've been reading the reviews on the right side and I've noticed that they are all bad for some odd reason. This tv show is my 2nd favorite and I honestly never want it to end
The Alienist
I just love the other comments
The Alienist
I just love the other comments
American Horror Story
woah! Started watching season 7 today, already at episode 8. The season is great, I'm really into it
American Horror Story
I don't why, but I don't want to watch season 7, I will cause I always end up watching all of the seasons, even the bad ones
The Last Man on Earth
Okay, new comers, so basically after a while in this tv show you'll notice that nothing new happens, but in season 4 there is a whole new level of action, I'm not gonna spoil anything, but just be patient
American Horror Story Season 5 Episode 1
This is by far my favorite season of all, I just like the dark Sarah Paulson and basically everything in it
The Shannara Chronicles
I just can't watch this without getting annoyed, that human girl whatever her name is, annoys me to the core
How to Get Away with Murder
This TV show is good only if you don't care about ships, like wtf is going on? They mess up ships so bad and it's annoying, other than that this TV show has everything perfect
Lucifer Season 3 Episode 13
KPOP! I was waiting for this!!
The Magicians (2016) Season 3 Episode 2
the first episode was boring but things are starting to become interesting in this episode
The Royals Season 3 Episode 10
That son of a bitch! He fooled everyone! I can't believe I actually thought he was a good person!! I need a season 4, he is going down!
Doctor Who
Who else is here just because of David Tennant>
Marvel's Jessica Jones Season 1 Episode 1
I don't really like it tbh, the sex scenes are actually really bad and boring, I like the actors but I really don't like the ending of the first season, and tbh I don't think there's gonna be a season 2 just because of the ending, I really liked the way it was headed until episode 8, I thought that Kevin and Jessica would end up together, but the show had to ruin everything for me. I honestly thought Luke was a nice guy, but he turned out to be really annoying, getting involved with Jessica was
Marvel's Jessica Jones
I'm pissed off! I actually liked Kevin and Jessica. The fact that she killed him was really a bummer, I'm quitting this show
Marvel's Jessica Jones Season 1 Episode 1
thewatch I respect your opinion, but you could've said it nicer, just saying
The Good Doctor
Good start, I love it already
The Magicians (2016)
I mean, you should watch the trailer, it says '2018'
American Horror Story
Don't watch season 2 and 6, they're boring and really bad, haven't watched season 7, but it seems it's good reading the other comments
Why do people don't like season 4? I liked it because it proves that Adlock is the real deal. I just hope for a season 5 with Irene, hopefully Adlock in it!
Sherlock Season 3 Episode 2
My Adlock heart, it hurts
Sherlock Season 2 Episode 1
My favorite episodeeee! Sooo coooooool!
House Season 3 Episode 19
the cringe is too much!!!
The 100
i watch the 100, I'm not a dude and I don't watch got because of the nudity
The 100
I'm actually pretty young maybe you're older and feel comfortable seeing nudity, but I don't, as I said, I'm pretty young
The 100
That's kinda true
The 100
That's kinda true
The 100
First of all "BossHogg42" this is a really good TV show if you want nudity and swearing you are sick, if you can't get laid and jerk off to fucking tv shows don't comment on good tv shows just because it doesn't have nudity and swearing. If this tv show had nudity I won't be here, I fucking hate nudity. You're sick
The 100 Season 3 Episode 9
I mean, I ship Abby and Kane
Skins Season 4 Episode 5
Fuck this, it's depressing already!
Skins Season 3 Episode 6
Naomi, Katie & Emily are just a waste of time, it's so boring!
Skins Season 3 Episode 4
Omg this is so funny!!
Skins Season 3 Episode 4
Omg this is so funny!!
The 100 Season 2 Episode 8
Meh, Finn was annoying anyhow
Once Upon a Time
I'm binge watching the shit out of this!
Stitchers Season 3 Episode 5
When will Camille stop dating that ME, it's annoying already!
Once Upon a Time
Started to watch the TV show again yesterday, already at season 2 episode 6
Once Upon a Time
Started to watch the TV show again yesterday, already at season 2 episode 6
Once Upon a Time
Goodbye OUAT! But not for long, I will watch all of it again
The Last Man on Earth
For a comedy it sure has a lot of deaths
This TV show is nothing like PLL, if it was I would be bored af
American Horror Story
My favorite seasons were 3 and 5, i really didn't like season 2 and 6
Second Chance (2016)
bruh, the main actor is ugly
Gotham Season 1 Episode 1
I'm watching it again, it's just so amazing, never liked a TV show this much in my life!!!
Best TV show ever made
Best TV show ever made
Best TV show ever made
Best TV show ever made
Best TV show ever made
Best TV show ever made
Best TV show ever made
Beyond Season 1 Episode 1
I watched the whole season too, I think it's at a pretty fast pace, but whatever, the TV show is great, can't wait to see what new adventures will come! :) PS I'm gonna watch the whole season again, it's just great!!!
Gotham Season 3 Episode 21
Can't wait for season 4, can't get enough of this TV show!!!!!
Gotham Season 3 Episode 21
This show is not cancelled. // PROOF:
Gotham Season 3 Episode 8
OMFG This is a very very good TV show!
Gotham Season 2 Episode 21
I don't mind spoilers
Gotham Season 2 Episode 17
No can imagine what I am feeling right now, just saw episode 16, my heart is broken
Gotham Season 2 Episode 16
I don't care what happens, Jim can't do this to Lee! I'm cryinggg! ;(
How did you miss 80 episodes if there are only 71 noted, and some haven't been posted yet?
Gotham Season 1 Episode 5
I am not a fan of superheroes, I like villains, but this TV show is very cool, I didn't think that I would like it so much, wow. I started watching just because of the young cast and especially of the Joker
marquzz How did you watch it in one night, I tried but I reached episode 8 and it was 3 am, lmao
Emerald City Season 1 Episode 1
wow! really turned a kids movie into a 16+, or somthing, pretty cool
Very, very good show, I would recommend watching this 18+ but I am only 13, so don't take me very seriously. The TV show has 1 scene with child rape, so be warned, otherwise very good show
The White Princess
Interesting so far, but if it turns out to be bullshit like Reign than I am out
13 Reasons Why
This TV Show is horrible,, don't watch it, the main character is always agitated, the girl that died is so stupid, jeez, just saw the first 3 episodes already bored af, it's very bad, really wanted a good TV show instead I got this sh*t TV show!
13 Reasons Why Season 1 Episode 4
Hannah is so freaking stupid, no wander she died, gosh
Once Upon a Time Season 6 Episode 22
the most beautiful ending ever <3!
Riverdale Season 1 Episode 13
Oh my gawd! The ending is going to change everything!
Riverdale Season 1 Episode 12
Oh My Gawd! The ending
Sleepy Hollow Season 4 Episode 12
I totally agree with hungmosquito
The Magicians (2016) Season 2 Episode 13
Does the episode convert at 12 am?
Riverdale Season 1 Episode 2
*Grundy and I (min 33:01)
i love it, but I have that scar on Archy's forehead
Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 3 Episode 18
I would like to see more of Amy and Jake, haven't showed them together in a while :(
Penny Dreadful
I actually shipped Vanessa and Dorian, too bad they broke up :(
The Last Man on Earth Season 2 Episode 15
I have potato blood in my veins
The Vampire Diaries Season 8 Episode 16
Great Ending! But the TV show is done?
The Originals Season 3 Episode 11
Cami may be annoying, but at least Jackson is dead, we've all been waiting any how
The Originals Season 3 Episode 10
Jackson's death is the best thing that happened to this show :D
Please continue the show!
Love the series, but there is a thing that keeps bugging me, Jace can't be Val and Jocelyn's son because h's blonde and neather of the parents are, plus he has heterocromia that is transmited geneticly, so it's impossible for Clary and Jace to have at least the same mother
Teen Wolf
I've watched this TV show again, and again, it's sad that Allison died and Kira is now Scott's girlfriend, I really don't like Kira, she's annoying af, hope she doesn't come back in season 6B, and in a magical way Allison comes back, this TV show is starting to make me sad, the TV show started to suck when Allison died
The Vampire Diaries
TinekeT, of course it's more fun to watch the TV show than to read, no one reads anymore m8, not trying to be mean
Black Sails
Breton, I like pirates, but I don't like tits
Jekyll and Hyde
I like the TV show alot, but some names are just retared, for example: Lord Trash, Capitain Dance, wtf is that kind of name, don't get me wrong this TV show is amazing, but the names just suck, ffs how can you name a lord "Trash"?
Penny Dreadful
DON'T STOP FILMING! The show is 9,28 rated and that is very very good. I'm sure that everyone will agree with me when I say that the how should continue.
Witches of East End
guys I think there isn't gonna be a season 3
The Magicians (2016) Season 1 Episode 13
what an ending... it's the biggest freaking season finale that I've ever seen! Now I remember why I was upset with the finale, but I can't get enough of the show, so I guess that's good, in a way.
The Magicians (2016) Season 1 Episode 13
what an ending... it's the biggest freaking season finale that I've ever seen! Now I remember why I was upset with the finale, but I can't get enough of the show, so I guess that's good, in a way.
Game of Thrones
I luv the show, but there is too much nudity
Hemlock Grove
Why the f*ck did Letha die?
American Horror Story
is there gonna be a season 6? I'm asking 'cause I love AHS so much!
Teen Wolf
love it!