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Favorite Series
Veronica Mars
First I felt like season 4 isn't as great as it used to be, but after a few episodes it become interesting, but to finish it like this... Why?
800 Words Season 2 Episode 3
And there is no link here. Please upload one
800 Words Season 2 Episode 2
The link for this episode is not working :( Please upload it again
It is just strange with all these new creatures, I miss the Originals
This Is Us Season 2 Episode 15
Maybe it is just me, but if I had a father like him, I would never ask him and I would never let him risk his life for my dog. Actually my father is way worse than him, but I still would not ask him or anyone else to risk their life. I would feel terrible for my pet and I would cry a lot, but a person is still a person and more important than a pet.
The Originals Season 5 Episode 13
...he actually become a better person and a good father to her.
The Originals Season 5 Episode 13
In a way I can understand it, but this is the most awful ending ever and . SPOILER . it is meaningless for both of them to die. The actors didn't want to appear in the Legacies or what? I mean Hope needs her father. I think that Kol should have been the one who dies. Who would miss him? Or just Elijah because there is really no reason for him to live, although I used to like his character. But Klaus is the best character he goes through a lot of things and Hope really changes him so he actuall
Life Sentence
This is a great show! Wish they wouldn't have cancelled it :(
The Originals
He is an original, he does not die that easily
The Suits is just so great! :) Too bad we have to say goodbye to 2 of the actors, but hope she will have a great wedding :)
At least Tom Ellis wants to save the series #SaveLucifer
Lucifer Season 3 Episode 24
#SaveLucifer When they are thinking about cancelling a TV show I wish they would consider the fact that A) Not everyone watch it on TV B) There are a lot of fans outside of the US and I believe that Lucifer is successful on different European TV channels too
Deception (2018)
I really enjoy it, too bad that there won't be season 2 :(
The Originals Season 5 Episode 3
They wasted this entire episode on Elijah :(
Riverdale Season 2 Episode 18
A musical episode. Nothing new, yet it wasn't so bad.
This show used to be better, but now it is a bit chaotic, especially s02e17...
This is probably one of the best new TV series and after ending Forever it is a great opportunity to see Ioan Gruffudd again. And I definitely agree with CidRaynes I just changed my mind at the end of the 3rd episode and before that I was absolutely sure that I am right :)
12 episode/season is not enough and 2018 is far away, but at least season 5 is coming :)
Younger Season 4 Episode 10
Oh please don't you dare to give up on Charles
The Originals Season 4 Episode 13
Oh come on! Freia should have taken Klaus's place, so she would have a part of the Halo inside her instead of Klaus. That way Klaus could have stayed with Hope and become a better person and later on reunite with Caroline too. Just saying that would have been the perfect ending for this season. I really hope that there will be a season 5
Young & Hungry Season 5 Episode 9
Noooo, come on, don't do this with him :D
Girlfriends' Guide to Divorce
The first 2 or 3 episodes are not the best, but it gets better. It remindes me of the Sex and the city (probably bc it is about 4 woman too and one of them is a writer again and another one is a lawyer), but this is about dating after divorce or well not just after.
The Catch
I just loved the first season, hope the second will be as good as the first
I guess this is my favourite TV show right now. I absolutely love it. It has interesting turns, dilemmas. sometimes I think, that she shouldn't date with a younger man but than it seems like they belong together oh I couldn't decide what to do :D especially because I like her boss too although he seems a bit older...
The Vampire Diaries
Am I the only one who still wants to see Caroline with Klaus? I used to like Stefan, but he becomes psychopath when he turns off his humanity, but even when he turns it back he's kinda boring. Lately the best guy in this series is Enzo in my opinion, but Bonny deserves a guy like him after everything :)
The Originals
I only started to watch beause Klaus was interesting in TVD, but this is way BETTER THAN TVD. Klaus I the best character. a bit evil, but would do anything for his loved ones. Unfortunately he has no luck with his love life, but that makes the show interesting, although I feel sorry for him. Anyway I would reommend it, but only if you are like more than 16 years old, because it is unnecesarily bloody
Sex and the City
Pretty good, although a bit annoying that successful women can only talk about men in this show and getting older. come on there are more things in life
Scream Queens Season 1 Episode 1
Dumbest show ever. Watch Greek/PLL/Originals/One Tree Hill instead
Scream Queens
By the way if you want to watch a great TV series about sororities than check out Greek that is the best :)
Scream Queens
This is the stupidest, dumbest TV series ever. Seriously. I only started to watch it because of the actors in it but come on Nick has the dumbest role ever, Ariana only appears in the first episode and Emma's characer is annoying. So unless you are a psycho little girl it is a waste of time to watch this and Im telling this after watching 4 episodes. PLL and Originals are way better than this.