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Supernatural Season 13 Episode 10
@budzigniew Completely agree with you. Claire character plot felt like some kinda trashy teen drama and the way they just up and left that "dino-world' without any kind of exploration was anticlimactic
The Flash
Seriously What is Iris's purpose ?? why the f is she team leader ?? she has 0 use. She just points out the obvious shit to the team while they are Actually fighting
Once Upon a Time
I know its a show about magic and fairy tales ,But are we to ignore sudden accent and race changes ? ? So Lady Tremein suddenly has British accent while her younger self didn't and Cinderella turns Hispanic when she grows up and develops Spanish accent despite the fact she grew up with English speaking parents?
The Flash Season 4 Episode 8
Well, Earth X was a bit of a disappointment:( -Sara's stunt double wig was Targaryen white so it seemed rather noticeable during the fight scenes . - Didn't really understood the point of super girl's sister being in the crossover other then pointing out she is gay and Sara is gay bla bla bla. She didn't add Anything to the arc . -Aw and what's with all that sappy drama ?!OW Gahd it was like watching soap opera or some talk show Jiz , teaming 2 most annoying characters(Felicity/Iris) was bad
13 Reasons Why
Why the hell did she go into the house and then got into the jacuzzi of a rapist ..that was beyond stupid
Once Upon a Time
Ow God when will this show end ?!! it used to be so fresh and entertaining..Now it became so painfully terrible ..kinda hoping smw will finally cast some kinda nuclear explosion spell on bloody Storybrook
The Flash
Ppl are complaining because season 1 was great and had strong storyline and characters and it was very promising. And now it all went downhill so fast and its only season 3 ! We didn’t had the chance to be sick of the characters yet (say if it was on season 11) Its Like having a crush on smw and then suddenly finding out something repelling about them.:(( .Mixed feeling of disappointment and betrayal by the characters that u found so compelling at first
The Flash Season 3 Episode 17
Ow God Just when you think it can’t get any worse. Just cancel the show already ! its like watching fatally wounded animal die in a slow agony Die already !
Marvel's Iron Fist
I see Loras learned some kung-fu at the Faith Militant's prison. Good for him
The Originals
Great start of a new season. Am I the only one wondering how is Very blonde baby Hope turned into a red head?
The Originals Season 4 Episode 1
Great start of a new season. Am I the only one wondering how is Very much Blonde baby Hope turned into red head girl ?
The Vampire Diaries
If memory serves me right Julie Plec has mention in one of her interviews that the whole “Why is every new character is brunette with brown eyes ,Nina Dobrev look alike” will be explained at the end.. Watched the show finale ..Still waiting for that explanation
The Flash
@LiveHard Yeap Harrison Wells/ Eubard was the most interesting and well developed antagonist so far. Unfortunately the rest of the villains seem cartoonish (not in terms of bad CGI but as a character)
Interesting show and good acting . You know its quality acting when you actually want to punch the antagonist in this case Alice Cooper
Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
As expected another great show! its Whedon brothers after all
The Big Bang Theory
One of the rare shows that hasn't lost its charm even after 10 seasons
2 Broke Girls
it would've been A Lot better without The Vulgar, dump and needlessly loud Sophie Kaczynski character
The Good Place
Very light and funny show , exactly what you need in your chill time
Girlfriends' Guide to Divorce
Surprisingly interesting show
the show survived only on Harvey and Jessica's charisma But little annoying dead fish acting of Mike's character has managed to suck it all
Ow God when will this show End !! Dont get me wrong I was a huge fan 5 seasons ago But common Now its becoming a chore to watch it simply because I need closure
The Flash
I love this Show. But ever since they turned Harrison Wells character into a joke in season 3 its getting boring. Also Barry's bobblehead is making me neurotic
what's with the huge gap between the episodes?? Common Producers You are not Game of Thrones!! You cant afford such gaps