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  • 10% Fantasy
  • 9% Action
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  • 7% Mystery
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Favorite Series
Wynonna Earp
This show is fun and i agree with you @eyeceeyuu
Yeah of course i mean who makes a series about a mossad agent lol Bunch of murderers
I was hooked from the first ep what are you guys talking about lol I almost skipped this series based on your comments
Seal Team
Soldiers are just weapons in the hand of the powerful, they give them illusions of grandeur and patriotism and they follow like dogs ! There is nothing human about it
Amazing series !
Future Man
This series is absolute gold !
Titans (2018)
Completely agree with Kuzzy00 , great acting and enormous potential for the futur , i was pleasantly surprised as i enjoy 'dark' superhero stories , i hope it continues getting even better :D
The Expanse
Masterpiece . amazing story , characters , acting , scenery etc.... everything is on point
i don't get all the fuss about lucifer getting cancelled , i mean it's a good show but not thaaat good :p It's just my opinion don't @ me :D
Claire Danes is in my opinion an amazing actress , but i get why awais144506 is saying this . The character ( Carrie) is annoying and that gets confused with the acting
The Expanse
Thats great news guys ! Thanks for sharing
i hope not grantimus , it seems like such a waste , the series has better potantial than just being a long grueling build-up for an epic fight scene ! i hope you're wrong but everything is possible
Once Upon a Time Season 7 Episode 6
i agree with nevertheless , started a bit weird but i'm getting hooked again :)
Sons of Anarchy
nevertheless it's : now that's settled* not now that's settle :) You need some intensive english courses :) i'm doing it for free :)
TURN: Washington's Spies
One of the best series out there , great character development , interesting plot , would absolutly recommend
Is there anyway to mask the comment section for good ?
Just Amazing !
Travelers (2016)
Very good series :)