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Avid procrastinator. Design student. Mostly just a cat trapped in a human body.

Favorite Series

Lucifer Season 1 Episode 13
Watched it after seeing an advert on Sky Atlantic. I said to myself I'd watch just the one episode. Here I am starting season 2 in the same night. It can be cheesy but I just enjoy the idea of the show.
Adventure Time
Cute and not just for kids. Pretty good for ill-feeling adults.
Rick and Morty
Incredibly dark humour, aliens and dirty jokes. Basically all you could ask for.
In the Flesh
Brilliant! Takes a step away from cliche's in the 'aftermath' idea. Dramatic and emotional. Loved it.
Perfect mixture of tense drama and weird sci-fi fantasy worlds, although the idea isn't too far away from modern developments make it really believable. Can't wait to see if it comes back.
I first got into Fringe a while back and ended up watching all of the seasons in a few weeks! I love the story arcs, the sci-fi timey-wimey stuff is brilliant. The last few series are a little weird but stick through it and it is worth it. So good it makes you wonder what to do with your life when you have finished it. The characters are interesting and the developments aren't the same predictable stuff usually used to wrap up a show. It still left me personally wanting more but all in all, I l