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Raised by Wolves (2020)
Hey, what's going on with the sister site?
How to Sell Drugs Online (Fast)
Just added some vidtodo links with English subs, hope they are ok (i added them as ''Thai subtitles in order to not comfuse them)
Hey, haiShi5ei, your bots are not working? You 've forgot episodes 4 and 10 of season 3
At episode 8, links from 16-26 are in English language
@polferis That has nothing to do with what i wrote. When you right down that the links are with English subtitles and they aren't then you lie to all the viewrs and all the funs of this wonderful site. Stop supporting your friend and be reasonable!
The guy who upload his links with ''English Subtitles'', is a totally joke. None of his links and NEVER has English subtitles
Travelers (2016)
You welcome. To all the viewers: If there is any tv series that has problem with the links, write it down on the latest reviews section, or send me a message in order to add new links
Travelers (2016)
@GHosting ╬Łew vidtodo links added
The Gift (2019)
Yes, is Turkish, but the links witch wrote ''Thai Subtitle'' have english subtitles. Check it out
Rick and Morty
The guy who added links with ''English subtitles'' has none subtitle in any link in any show, only the one with ''Thai'' have subtitles
The Haunting of Hill House
I really love horror movies. And I'm a big fan of serials. Horror series should appeal to me. Unfortunately, this rarely happens. But this series was suprisingly good. Haunting of hill house is a beautiful story about a family, about ghosts. It is moving, beautifully told, intriguing and logical. Very well polished. Rather not very horrifying. I could watch alone at night and do not close my eyes. I know that it will be a disadvantage for many people, but it isn't for me. It was a pleasure to wa
@Dyslogix I 100% agree with you man. Enough is enough
The UnXplained
@joroc Dyatlov Pass was a fantasious story?
This is the new link for the sister site ---->
Myrtw15 added The Flight Attendant to his/her Favorites