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Favorite Series
I get confused about people saying that the first episode is slow... the pacing is what MAKES the freaking show. ITs similar to Hannibal or those (artsy type movies that only go to Kannes) but the content... dear god it makes you think. I was at the edge of my seat all of teh first episode so how am I going to survive the rest....
Supernatural Season 13 Episode 2
Whooo boiii.... that was part unexpected part dark as hell
Buffy the Vampire Slayer
This is the first serious attempt at something resembling the fantastic mood of supernatural. Its got its funny moments, its got its horror (like proper horror and dead people). But the way Supernatural just crushes your soul with angst... I don't think any other show compares.... The winchesters seriously can never get a break and Buffy seems pretty ok at least in season 1. Anyway, I am rambling. Basically if you like this go watch Supernatural.
Supernatural Season 6 Episode 20
Yes indeed this show consumes souls..... (see what I did ther)
Supernatural Season 6 Episode 12
That rejected Cas hug.... how could you say no to that puppy dog Sammie?
Supernatural Season 6 Episode 12
That rejected Cas hug.... how could you say no to that puppy dog Sammie?
Supernatural Season 5 Episode 22
I like how the story kinda had this ending feeling like the show was finishing and all. Fans probably prepared themselves already and then the last fucking 1 minute just makes them flip the table. Genious clifhanger.
Supernatural Season 5 Episode 22
You know its a good show when the fans want to shoot themselves while maniacally laughing and hanging from a ventilator fan screaming at the TV. Its called instilling passion my friend and there are not many shows that can do that. SPN is fantastic cause of this simple truth (it was the GOT of its time... except with all the resurections ofcourse)
Supernatural Season 4 Episode 1
Actually God is a lazy bum... its all Cas and his wonderful care package!
Supernatural Season 3 Episode 11
OMG I have never laughed so much. And dean like " Sammy, I get all tingly when you take control like that....." pls kill me lol
Supernatural Season 3 Episode 7
character development convenient plotline darling
And wincest.... dont forget all the wincest please... thats the main appeal yo
Supernatural Season 2 Episode 17
@ablivious69 indeed... i am sick of sam being such a hoe
Supernatural Season 1 Episode 19
Episode so hetero it seems forced no?
Torchwood Season 1 Episode 12
Oh mah God... so much feels.... Barrowman is the MAN!!! Holy shit he can entertain an audience. Fangirling so hard rn!!!!!
Damien Season 1 Episode 1
Oh.. my... God.... this is awesome! At first I was like "What the hell are you doing King Arthur? Where is Merlin? Why are you the antichrist? but then this is amazing in its own way. Love the music, love the amount of death in episode one and basically this was one of the most interesting pilots ever.
Xena: Warrior Princess
Inspired me as a child. Seriously love this show. Watched it 3 times from the beginning till the end. Nuf said...
Binged the whole thing... took me 4 days but I made it... I wouldn't say best show ever in terms of effects and shit like that but who gives a crap when the family stereotyping THE GHETTO! is in the main focus of the story. All characters are batshit crazy sometimes (no spoiler... they are from episode 1), ghetto af, badass and loveable... yes... i said it... even frank (SPOILER!!!! That part in the hospital with the girl was like inspirational and shit). My all time ship Mikey and Ian is obviou
I cannot watch this show without shipping Arthur and Merlin together.... Even the first episode kind of hints on this relationship. I love it when the show practically gives you the ships, you just have to sail them :D
Hell's Kitchen
Oh My God! Best reality show on TV! If you have a spare 5 hours and want to laugh your butt off with your flatmates or friends, then go ahead and watch this. Its worth every painful scripted line just to see Gordon Ramsay yell his eyeballs off. I think he feeds on stress and if he stops yelling he will die.... So much fun to see people suffer.
Hmm.. This show tried to do something amazing and I loved the initial idea, but something didn't feel right at the execution. Was it the acting, was it the plot twists that made no sense sometimes. I don't know. But honestly I am nitpicking. Its a great show but not one of the best out there.
Penny Dreadful
Great combination of Victorian England and Classy horror. If you are tired of simple jumpscares, bad acting and horrible plot lines and want to watch a horror series with dignity, class, beautiful acting as well as memorable dialogue? Yea... watch this immediately~!
Marvel's Agent Carter
OMFG~~!! Comic book, sexy hardcore female lead, sexy galand english butler... so much easter eggs, and historical costumes?! If only this show had infinite episodes!
A great show to watch when waiting for GoT, Sherlock or Hannibal. Quite a light fling, but if you came only for the laughs go back immediately or get ready for some serious feels! My guilty pleasure, this show~
Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeeman.... Sherlock and Watson.... Smaug and Bilbo.... These men will never let fangirls rest will they? But seriously best show ever. My #1!
Best comedy show which isn't anime by far! My favourite arc is Archer Vice and whoever disagrees I emplore you to watch it again. and agree!
A bit hard to get into unless you are a history drama junkie like me. But cmon.... vikings and epic music! Whats there not to like?
At first it was great plot and hot actors (I was 14). Then it became a habit for at least 4 seasons where I simply got by through my love for the Winchesters. But as season 7 rolled in, the plot picked up again and now its a ritual more than a show. I am scared to look at first episodes because of how much the actors have changed (in a sexy way). I feel like a mom watching her babies grow <3
Game of Thrones
Best show on TV by far. I am really not a fickle person. I can watch anything. I sat through the 2 episodes of Free! and kept my sanity. But if you take a cauldron and mix epic music, political intrigue, historical costumes, magic, sex, gore and dragons you get this masterpiece. Been with it since it started and binged all the episodes every time a new season showed up. Can't describe how much I love it!