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Lol at the people that actually think this show is good. I guess its true what they say. "One man's trash is another man's treasure" or in this case, one sane person's trash is an insane SJW's treasure. XD
If I had to sum this show up iin a few words it would be.... a trashy show with agendas.
Watchmen Season 1 Episode 1
This is a libtard show displayinng white people as evil and black folks as victims. Its so woke that it'll feel like you're watching CNN rather than watching fictionalized entertainment. I miss the days when entertainment wasn't flooded with PC garbage and political agendas. In times where white people are emasculated and being shown as evil, this show is just another one of those propaganda filled shows from liberals who just want to push their agendas. I feel sorry for white people nowadays an
The I-Land Season 1 Episode 4
It's like lost but with no thought into the script. To start, everyone has amnesia but they somehow know exactly what type of personality that have. And with these personalities we have the same old steriotypes as your general low budget college horror movie. It's absurd that people mysteriously wake up on a deserted island with strangers and think hey, let's have fun and go for a swim.... Yeah but nah, giving this train crash a miss.
The I-Land Season 1 Episode 4
Absolutely horrible/ This has to be one of the trashiest shows of the year. Poor acting, poor direction, and ridiculous dialogue. The characters are completely unlikeable and unrelatable. I don't see this show going anywhere, tbh.
The Spy
Great spy thriller drama
The Boys
One of the best superhero shows ever!
Euphoria (US)
I'm not gonna waste my time writing a lengthy review on this show but if I had one word to sum up the show, it would be.....mediocre! This kinda show belongs on Netflix, not HBO. If you wanna dive into a teenage depiction of drug and sex, you know, the usual cliche stuff portrayed in American media then dive right in. If you actually wanna watch something of quality, then might I recommend watching Chernobyl, HBO's recent masterpiece.Either way, there are better things to watch than this medioc
DC's Legends of Tomorrow
This show had a weak season 1 but it got better in season 2 and 3. Now its just garbage and not even Constantine being a regular on the show can save it. I feel sorry for Matt Ryan having to play a dark character like Constantine among the buffoons that are the Legends. Hope we finally get that long awaited season 2 of Constantine. As for Legends, it has become mediocre trash like most CW DC shows.
Miracle Workers (2019)
Great show. The pilot kept me laughing constantly. Now thats the sign of comedy done right. Looking forward to the rest of the episodes. Shame that its a limited series.
Doom Patrol
That being said, this show is a combination of depressing feels and comedy. It knows how to balance humor and gritty unlike that other edgy show (*cough* Titans *cough*), has excellent cinematrography with a fantastic Daredevil level opening theme to back it up. The first ten to fifteen minutes of the pilot already managed to make me tear up. While I am a huge fan of both the X-Men and the Doom Patrol, I feel like there's a certain realism to the Doom Patrol about being an outcast superhero in a
Doom Patrol
Growing up, Doom Patrol and the X-Men were two of my favorite comics to read mostly because they were both based on the concept that the heroes of the teams were miscasts and/or outsiders to society. Granted that the X-Men became more popular and got its animated series and live-action movies, I'm happy to finally see a live-action adaptation of the Doom Patrol. While I love both teams, I'd like to point out to anyone ignorant that the Doom Patrol came first before the X-Men. That being said, th
Bodyguard (2018)
This show broke all kinds of viewership records in Britain when it aired and is easily one of the best damn shows of 2018! I already watched it when it aired on BBC One but now that its on Netflix, you US viewers are in for a hell of a thriller.
The Little Drummer Girl
Michael Shannon, Alexander Skarsgard and Florence Pugh. Good cast and quite the good spy thriller. BBC One is one a roll with tv shows like this and Bodyguard this year. =)
This show is so damn good! Its like Dexter with romance. You can't help but root for the psychopathic stalker! =)
Tell Me a Story (US)
Not bad. The show adapts Hansel and Gretel, Red Riding Hood and Three Little Pigs into these modern day stories which are dark. There's also another story about a man who lost his wife to the three little pigs aka the robbers wearing the pig masks while during the heist. I wonder which fairytale thats from tho. Lol Still, I look forward to what this show brings....
Chilling Adventures of Sabrina
To anyone as disappointed in this show as I am, might I recommend a show about witches (and vampires) that is actually great aka A Discover of Witches. The show is handled more maturely and its based on the coexistence of witches and vampires in modern times with a war being ensued after the romantic "inter species" relationship between a witch and a vampire and unlike this propaganda of a show, it has no shred of political or SJW propaganda. Thank me later. =)
Chilling Adventures of Sabrina
First episode contains Black power, feminist drivel, patriarchy is at fault for the world evils, girls bullied, boys bad, need to start a revolution, menstrual power yadayada... Even IF you could forgive that blatant in-your-face political agenda, the show is also very boring, extremely predictable and badly acted. I will check out episode two as well, just to make sure it continues to suck... but my advice to people is to stay away. No entertainment value at all, except perhaps drinking a shot
Chilling Adventures of Sabrina
Yeah I watched only twenty minutes of the first episode. This show is nothing but feminist bullcrap who portray all but two men are sexist and misogynist. Huge fail for me.
Titans (2018)
Like I said, you'd have to have absolutely no idea who the Titans are in order to enjoy this show.
Titans (2018)
@kruciphix13 You obviously are just hearing it about it. If you actually read the Titans comic, you'd know that the comic is very light in tone and is all about team building and family unlike this dark and gritty mediocre shit. (don't get triggered over my opinion now lol)
The Gifted
Honestly, the second season is very underwhelming in terms of thrill coz its more drama than thrill unlike the first sesaon which had tons of thrill in each episode as they ran from the Sentinel services. Kinda disappointed but still gonna watch it to see where this leads up to. Hopefully, this is gonna pay off.
Charmed (2018)
Crap show promoting feminist agenda. I predict a cancellation after the first season. -_-
The Haunting of Hill House
This is from the same guy who made Geralt's Game. The Moonlight Man in that gave me all kinds of psychological scares.
A Discovery of Witches
I'm normally not into these romantic vampire and witches sorta genre but this show has me hooked and its funny coz the only reason I even gave this show a watch was because of Teressa Palmer.
Titans (2018)
kruciphix13 Starfire has some memory loss and apparently she forgot to be orange. Lol I'm guessing like most superhero shows, she's gonna get a proper comic costume next season but for now, she's gonna be dressed as an 80s hooker. That chick and the chick who's supposed to be Raven are anything but their respective characters. They don't look or act like Raven or Starfire at all. -_-
Titans (2018)
Also, what is even the point of Jason Todd/Red Hood if the Batman on the show has started killing? I get it that they ruined the TItans but why drag Batman along with this mess? Ignorance is a bliss and that is truly the only way to appreciate this mediocre show. -_- Just an opinion and I say this as a huge DC fan who's disappointed the Titans are adapted as the complete opposite as they're supposed to be.
Titans (2018)
-ing it dark, EDGY and gritty doesn't make the show good. Not to mention that its nowhere near the leagues of Daredevil.
Titans (2018)
kruciphix13 Its just an opinion since I grew up watching the Teen Titans animated series and reading the comics and this show is like the very opposite of the Teen Titans. Its like if Marvel decided to make someone as charming as Spiderman as dark and gritty as Ghost Rider or the Punisher, it just doesn't work. I get your ignorance about the Titans and your appreciation about the show and honestly, thats the only way to watch this show ie. to know nothing about the Titans. But like I said, maki
Titans (2018)
-ting the same treatment as Inhumans got from critics.
Titans (2018)
So far, only Beast Boy seems to be the most accurate to the comics both personality wise and look wise but thats not saying much considering that he had barely a minute of screen time in the entire episode. The only way this show can be appreciated is if you know nothing about the Teen Titans and see this as something totally new. The Titans were never meant to be this edgy and dark but I guess the critics praising the show don't know it and as usual are ignorant about it, hence why its not get
Titans (2018)
I mean, when he was dragging that thug outta the car and beating him up repeatedly in spite of him being down, I was like "Dude, you beat him. He's had enough." Total overkill. Do not watch the scenes involving the chick playing Raven with headphones, she'll scream her vocal chords out and make your ears bleed with that cliche possessed girl routine. Lol As for the chick playing Starfire, I still can't get beyond her 80s hooker look. So far, only Beast Boy seems to be the most accurate to the
Titans (2018)
I don't know who the actresses pretending to play Raven and Starfire were playing, but they sure as don't resemble or act like their respective characters. Also, since the Batman on the show started killing, Robin went on to kill people alone without Batman?! Whats the logic and point behind that?! Not to mention the hypocrisy. The Robin on the show (costume aside) behaves nothing like the charming Dick Grayson from the show, he's has the personality of Jason Todd when he was Robin. I mean, when