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Hi! This is me! My name is Letícia and I am a Unicorn! My favorite books are: Percy Jackson, Heroes of the Olympus, Looking for Alaska, Harry Potter, The Selection, etc. I love to play The Sims and Procrastinate.

Favorite Series
(2/2) FUCKING GREAT! Bottom Line: I dont care if you hate or love the show. But I care if you dismiss is as a fucking EQUALITY PROPAGANDA (feminism = equality, for all you dumbdumbs) or for some childish belief that "there is too many women" (I can name many movies that only have 2 or less named female characters) ok? so PEACE
Why does everyone just fucking dismisses the show as being feminism propaganda! Like seriously? If it was a fucking guy in the main character no one would say its fucking sexist propaganda! Look at flash and Arrow! See if you find any comment saying its so sexist. Because none of the shows are meant to be about gender, but people just make it out to be! AND WHY THE FUCK DOES EVERYONE TREATS FEMINISM PROPAGANDA AS A BAD THING?! Even if it was all about women and men and society roles IT WOULD BE
Supergirl Season 2 Episode 1
Gotham Season 3 Episode 2
Wheeere is ittttt
The Flash Season 2 Episode 18
they could always stab zoom
The Flash Season 2 Episode 18
STUPID FUCKS let me diee
DC's Legends of Tomorrow
RE: scarletspeedster Give it TWO FUCKING WHOLE SEASONS TO JUDGE?! No, way! It can have holes put NO way I'm waiting 2 YEARS to like this shit. Besides, i should HAVE to watch other series to understand this one! The fuck? (Btw I love flash, but thats besides the point)
DC's Legends of Tomorrow
I love time travel, so I tough "I'll love this series!" but its fucking boring af!
The Flash Season 2 Episode 17
You who have watched the episode: isn't this a MAJOR paradox and has MAJOR changes to the story. Butterfly effect :P
The Flash Season 2 Episode 17
I love time travel :D
The Flash Season 2 Episode 16
Barry, fucking stooooop
The Flash Season 2 Episode 12
I love how the team makes Harry feel guilty af so he confesses
Sometimes its cool sometimes its not. Oh well...
The Flash Season 2 Episode 14
So, I really like this episode but the thing it I found it really funny (In a bad way). Some scenes you just want to laugh at how stupid they really are! For example why the hell does zoom just come in and start hitting Barry? That doesn't make sense! Why when Barry 2 tells Barry he can do it, he actually does it!? And when Jay died (at least I think he died) I was so obvious! I laughed because these scenes were ridiculous! But besides the episode was OK, I guess...
The Flash Season 2 Episode 13
Holy Shit. Nope. Nope. Nope.
So intense! I can feel the characters emotions! Truly a great show!
So intense! I can feel the characters emotions! Truly a great show!