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Favorite Series

Marvel's Iron Fist Season 1 Episode 5
The ending was amazingggg
The Flash Season 3 Episode 17
Best episode of The Flash ever.
Supergirl Season 2 Episode 14
Mon-el the only reason I watch at this point XD
Bates Motel Season 5 Episode 2
This is such a good show
The Flash Season 3 Episode 5
Sooooo it took 3 seasons to humanise one of the main characters. Okay
Bates Motel Season 5 Episode 1
Great first episode, love it.
DC's Legends of Tomorrow Season 1 Episode 9
I kinda feel sorry for Ra's Al Ghul lol
The Vampire Diaries Season 8 Episode 8
Matt is such a winy bitch, wish they'd kill him already.
Supergirl Season 1 Episode 7
This show is getting predictable.
Supergirl Season 1 Episode 3
Her powers seem very off and on, that's the problem with the DC shows.
Arrow Season 4 Episode 4
Yes, loving this show so much. Didn't think I would with all the magic stuff but I really changed my mind.
The Flash Season 2 Episode 4
Enjoying this season so far, so glad Harrison is back.
Arrow Season 4 Episode 3
Comeee onn, episodes are a bit slow and I really dislike Diggle.
The Flash Season 1 Episode 23
The series is a bit stupid, but I love it.
The Flash Season 1 Episode 20
Ooo this is getting good.
The Flash Season 1 Episode 19
Even on the Flash Captain Lance is extremely annoying
Arrow Season 3 Episode 19
This show is so much better than the Flash, The characters are more believable. I understand that Captain Lance has to be like he is but if it was anyone else Oliver would have killed him by now, or at least stuck up for himself. Oliver's character is all over the place right now, here's hoping he sorts him self out.
The Flash Season 1 Episode 18
Great episode, felt a bit pointless with Felicity in it. But she lights up every scene she's in.
Arrow Season 3 Episode 18
Captain Lance has such a punch able face. He needs to die. Apart from that, amazing episode.
The Flash Season 1 Episode 17
Damn, This show is confusing as hell.
Arrow Season 3 Episode 17
The ATOM is a very good character, enjoyed this episode. Great story arks.
The Flash Season 1 Episode 16
Another great episode, surprisingly, this season has taken a very good turn.
Arrow Season 3 Episode 16
This episode also very exciting, although Captain Lance has once again like at the beginning of season become an ares hole. I know not everyone can like the Arrow but you shouldn't expect someone who runs around shooting people with a bow and arrows to tell you everything that happens with 100% honesty.
The Flash Season 1 Episode 15
Holy shit, this show got really good, really quickly
Arrow Season 3 Episode 15
This show is absolutely incredible
Arrow Season 3 Episode 14
Amazing show, Amazing charaters. Even makes me care and understand people you shouldn't. My only problem is the pacing, with the Amanda stuff, it just seems less tense as we know Oliver won't die.
The Flash Season 1 Episode 14
Great episode, Ronnie stuff still kind of annoying and Iris is annoying. Apart from that loving this season
Arrow Season 3 Episode 13
KrazyKarateKid5, all you do is complain on every episode, I don't know why you carried on watching when you clearly don't enjoy it.
The Flash Season 1 Episode 13
Okay, I feel like I'm the only one but all this stuff with Ronnie is boring. Caitlin is very selfish which I feel is very out of character for her. The only thing keeping this show interesting right now is Dr Wells. I personally find Arrow much better.
Marvel's Daredevil
100% Recommend this show, one of the best if not the best portrayls of DareDevil ever had. Even if you've never read a comic about DD this is still such an easy show to get into. Absolutely no flaws (Except the arseholes who post spoilers on almost all the episode reviews)