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Favorite Series

Great show not my type of show usually but love Mark Paul Gooselaar in this and the actress who plays the lead.
The Walking Dead
Why do they keep persisting on giving us storylines revolving around characters no one gives a shite about? Terra has never done anything worthy of being given a full episode and even when she did have a story based on her she was just so drab and boring. Hope this season picks up as so far it has been really slow and crap. I'm waiting on Maggie going Psycho and bringing Negan and his tag alongs down.
They can't leave us hanging like this we need at least one more season to tie up all the loose ends!
Devious Maids
What the hell are they doing cancelling this show this is one of the best on tv today
The X Factor Season 13 Episode 7
Mostly crap X Factor isn't what it was . The last winners who deserved to win was Little Mix.
Grey's Anatomy
Picture needs changing and they need to stop piggy backing off Derek yes they killed him off crappy decision and crappy way of doing it but stop using his death to your gain Patrick Dempsey is worth more than that . Grey's isn't worth watching without him!
Scream Season 2 Episode 10
Just gets better and better love this please renew for season 3