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Men who weep over shows because there are strong /smart women in them make me laugh .

Favorite Series

Marvel's Runaways
Exceeded my expectations. Can get a little slow or predictable at times but the characters are really well written.
Harley Quinn Season 1 Episode 1
Wow! I only checked this out cos I had 20 mins to spare, and damn! That was fuckin amazing. I was expecting some kids cartoon but nope...finally got the Harley we always wanted. Love the "fucks bats line "
The Walking Dead
I loved this when it started , been a huge Zombie film fan my whole life but this needs to end. It's plodding along and just doesn't feel the same any more. Not to mention the rubbish view of human nature the show has. Used to be a great show now it's like the zombies in it, slow, dull and uninteresting
<3 This show/ Love how it is causing men to get all upset . Men are so fragile. Here's a strong capable woman, and the men/boys go boohoo , wah wah. and spit their dummies out.
Just here to laugh at all the men/boys crying about strong women. lol. You are all feckin morons and I love watching your Alt/right men tears falling into the comments section. Super-girl is awesome, long may she cause the tears of men to flow :-)