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Text ? Text is good... I like that. But not when there's like way too much text... You know, empty words... Filing empty spaces... Saying absolutely nothing about anything or anyone... Yeah... That, that I don't like. See my point ?

Favorite Series

Strange World (2019) Season 1 Episode 1
Cool but not excellent. I just saw first episode.
American Dad! Season 7 Episode 19
1st linkis an old episode...wtf?
Humans Season 3 Episode 6
I would have chosen the old man to die. A kid is a kid, no matter the envelope.
Humans Season 1 Episode 5
None of the links works...
Marvel's Iron Fist
Yeah this show is... Aaaaa... Is goo... Good enought to become a good one IF : better hero acting skills, better scenario and story telling, the rest is fine. All ingridients are here. But... Well... It s like ordering your favorite ice cream but when you have it s mealted... Or you have to eat it super quickly... So this show is quite like that... no expectations but exited to discover a new show and hoping it is as good as Luke Cage, Dardevil or the incredible Legion... But no... It s not tha
Preacher Season 1 Episode 10
Game of Thrones Season 6 Episode 6
And they're back in the game!
Black Ink Crew
So everyone hates this serie? But why?
Game of Thrones Season 6 Episode 5
Ppffff .... Fucking zombies they're everywhere.... Hodooooooooor!!!!!!
The Magicians (2016)
hey ive just read possible case scenarios for this season finally it is really going to blow up our minds. This is an amzing serie. Hope they will continue that way a long time!
Burn Notice
Good show, a bit redounding some times but fresh, funny and it gets to me.
Fear the Walking Dead
So, WildWomenz, u still think there won't b a FTWD season 2??? Well as u can c, they're almost finishing the editing part of it and it 's gonna b awesome!!!!
DC's Legends of Tomorrow
No, this is a huge fraud. The story might be great but characters are insanely boring, cgi work is wreackless (worst than first Star Trek episodes', seriously have you seen the 80's cosmos 1999 so called spacecraft they get???) and most importantly actors doesn't give a daim in being good. And don't get me started on excecutive production... I mean who makes series of very short and none sensed scenes a great story?? Is this a parody??? So me watching that c*r*a*p HELL NOOOOOOO!
Almost Human
Good start, it's shame that it got cancelled.
Wayward Pines
Starts slow but then it's a real mind blower! Congrats Night S.
Fear the Walking Dead
When does the next episode air?
Fear the Walking Dead
Awesome series.