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The name's Samael. Yeah like the devil. My parents were weird. I'm a big fan of comedy, fiction, action and sometimes(most of the times) horror. I like reading comic books and binge watching telly shows and movies.

Favorite Series

The White Princess
Looks good. Hope it isn't bullshit like Reign.
Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 4 Episode 14
Jake's optimism is just too much for me to handle.
An amazing show, no doubt, but I hope that they don't turn it into a show about Lucy seeking love because that would just be bullshit. I would hate to stop watching this show because of that and I don't want to. The soundtrack for the show is spot on!
Last Week Tonight with John Oliver Season 4 Episode 9
I hope the French watch this show because if you don't, you need to.
Supernatural Season 12 Episode 12
I always knew that you shouldn't mess with Crowley. Bad things happen.
A correction on my earlier review. Constantine should rarely express his emotions.
I really like this series but I was really let down by the whole romantic Chloe-Lucifer thing. But nonetheless, I still enjoy watching the show.
I was really excited for this show but I was disappointed by a few things. One Constantine rarely expresses his emotions and two he should be way stronger than depicted in the show. But overall, I'd say it is a good watch. Now that CW has picked it up I hope they take it to the stars.
I used to think this was a show about two good looking guys and their problems, but boy was I wrong. This has been one of the best shows I've seen on the telly. It's a must watch for all fiction lovers out there.