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Favorite Series

Equinox (2020)
Well, if you are someone that can read, you'll likely enjoy this series. If you can't handle cc get proficient at reading LOL
Kung Fu (2021)
1/10 because I'm feeling generous
The Walking Dead Season 10 Episode 20
LOL this is what TWD has come to!?????
The Shannara Chronicles
Subpar larping props with bad acting
Tell Me Your Secrets
so glad I gave it a chance... actually great first season
Tribes of Europa
Since it's by the creators of "Dark" I'll just go out on a limb and give it a 10/10 :D
Raised by Wolves (2020)
Actually worth a watch
Fate: The Winx Saga
Exactly how I'd imagine a coming-of-age story by Netflix :D It isn't great...
The Outpost
it's soooo bad
Barkskins Season 1 Episode 1
Fantastic first epsiode.
The Rain Season 3 Episode 1
Ignore the impatient imbecile... there are many subtitled links to choose from :)
I expected some American-style teeny nonsense ... this in comparison was surprisingly good
The Rain Season 1 Episode 1
Very promising for sure
Cursed (2020)
A teenage sorceress...
this is one of the best series ever produced... it's a shame it doesn't get the respect it deserves
Warrior Nun
The Mist
had high hopes but it is trash :(
The Young Turks
If you are a leftist SJW CUCK, you might like it.
The 100 Season 7 Episode 3
if you thought the real world is bad just imagine these retards running it :D
Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
I don't know how I feel about Season 7
Jeffrey Epstein: Filthy Rich
Epstein was an intelligence construct... Is Mossad and blackmail to steal technology mentioned at all? Probably not, I'd be very surprised...
Jeffrey Epstein: Filthy Rich Season 1 Episode 1
Epstein was an intelligence construct... Is Mossad and blackmail to steal technology mentioned at all? Probably not, I'd be very surprised...
I'm ready for season 3 :)
DC's Stargirl Season 1 Episode 1
had high hopes because of the positive reviews on here... well, I was let down :D
Blindspot Season 5 Episode 1
Marvel's The Defenders
well, it has been canceled ...
The Letter for the King
this is pretty bad
Travelers (2016)
it seems that the wont be a fourth season.. that's a shame. I really enjoyed this a lot.
Travelers (2016)
@Myrtw15 Awesome! you are the best.
Travelers (2016)
Someone please add some good Links for Season 3.
The Terror Season 2 Episode 1
links are not working
Altered Carbon Season 2 Episode 1
Utopia Falls
respect to everyone who made it past the first episode
Utopia Falls
thought I'd give it another chance... well, it's by far the worst series I have seen so far :D my condolences to the actors... this is sooo cringy
The Society
nahhhhhh it's trash
Hunters (2020)
it's getting hard to take anything serious that features evil Nazis or evil Russians... it's getting old :D but I guess I'll give it a chance...
Locke & Key
well, the first Episode is very promising. I like it a lot :)
Locke & Key Season 1 Episode 1
first Episode is very promising. I like it a lot :)
Season 8 worst season yet :(
I enjoyed Supernatural for years but Season 15 unfortunately doesn't do it for me at all. Hopefully, the next one can get it right again.
Sex Education
I don't get the appeal of this show :D I tried I really tried :D
Arrow Season 8 Episode 8
It's getting worse and worse
The 100 Season 5 Episode 13
that dumb bitch put her weapon on the floor instead of just shooting him????? really?? wtf :D
The 100 Season 5 Episode 10
lol so they live just like that??? nonsense
The 100
You sons of bitches need to learn to tick the "includes spoiler" box!!!
SAS: Who Dares Wins
Dracula (2020)
So far it's very good!!!!!!! and it's 90 min per Episode :)
The Witcher
Can't wait for the next Seasons!!!
The Witcher
I loved it and will continue to watch. The main criticism I have is that the show jumps backward and forward in time to characters and storylines that are set decades apart, yet seldom gives any indication that it's doing so. Here's what's going on: Think of Geralt's scenes as the present. Ciri's plot, including the sacking of Cintra in the very first episode, takes place years after that present. Yenn's origin, meanwhile, is set decades before Geralt's plotlines in the first half of the seaso
Marvel's Runaways Season 3 Episode 1
Still can't get over that ridiculoushairline :D
The Mandalorian Season 1 Episode 6
Bill Burr in the house :D !!!!
I had to stop watching after 3 Episodes!!! I doubt you'll last longer :D
The Flash Season 6 Episode 9
although i enjoy this series, thsi episode is so cringe! I can handle a handful of mediocre actors but doesn't at once?? It just too cringy :D
See Season 1 Episode 8
awesome episode
See Season 1 Episode 8
I love it soooo much!!!!
Harley Quinn
I like it! But 30 minutes an episode?! :(
The Flash Season 6 Episode 7
the 4th Link (vshare) doesn't lag ;)