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The way you talk honestly makes me believe you're some crazy cat lady missing chromosomes and those friends you're talking about are actually cats. You watch and "review" like 80 episodes a week. You're a loser, "with Mustard, Jelly and everything, fam."
Hence leading me to believe you have either Autism, or some other form of mental disability.... The fact that I had to go and spell that out for you reaffirms that.
Did that really go over your head your stupid little child?? Ok let me spell it out for you. What does your "friends" and relating them to characters in the show, have anything to do with said show, and leaving a review encouraging others to watch said show?
@Jaxx8 Pretty sure I just got cancer reading your list of reasons why somebody should watch this show. You're telling me I should watch this because it has a fat girl, and a talented musician in it? Must be nice living with 2 missing sets of chromosomes...
DC's Stargirl Season 1 Episode 1
Surprisingly good, thought it was going to be awful. Coming from Colorado moving to Cali the bit about everybody talking to them on the street was funny. Hopefully its doesn't turn out like Titans