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Marvel's Iron Fist
Not as good as any of the other Netflix/Marvel shows, but it's fun and sets up some interesting plots. Madame Gao is a fantastic villain, will be happy if she will play a major role next season.
Supergirl Season 2 Episode 15
J'onn was fucking right!!! She did exactly what he feared she would, but got lucky. Same as Kara breaking the rules.
The Flash Season 2 Episode 21
It actually managed to make me tear up. And I'm not a sentimental type. Marvelous episode.
The Flash
Guys, calm down. We've seen him on Arrow, during the graveyard scene last episode, and few months ago. He's still alive.
The Flash Season 2 Episode 18
So, they had an opportunity to poison Zoom when he took the speed from Barry, and yet they didn't do it? What the fuck? Barry could've faked the "loosing the speed" part, while Wells puts poison into the vial. And add some lightning effects. Why are the characters so stupid sometimes???
OK, the first season is over and now I can 100% sure say this... It's not a good show. It has some good moments, but the writing is goddamn terrible. A good show actually has characters grow and change, for better or worse. Kara didn't change since the episode one. I know that the whole reason of Superman and all the other "super" characters is being the Mary Sue they were designed to be, but then why do you have all these other people? It's essentially a drama with some meaningless action. Fun