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Favorite Series

I have to admit I was rather biased when first watching this show and was immediately put off by a few things, but after pushing my expectations aside and simply watching it I came to really enjoy this series! And I have to say I'm not a huge romance fan as I think too much focus is often put there, but in this case the romance is well written and works nicely into the story. It's a really good show and if you struggle past the first few episodes like me you may be in for a good surprise.
Starts off okay, gets really good, but now it's just dragging on... the only reason I'm still watching is because I've formed an attachment to these characters.
Supernatural Season 12 Episode 15
First of all: That walking dead reference with the bat was bloody brilliant! Second: Crowley is an absolute badass, but I'm not looking forward to his fall. Again.
Legion Season 1 Episode 1
So weird I love iit!
DC's Legends of Tomorrow
When you're looking for reviews and instead find people arguing...
Sherlock Season 4 Episode 3
This, like all the episodes, made me feel so much. Gosh what an episode it was! Absolutely amazing.
Sherlock Season 4 Episode 2
OH SNAP! Saw some fishy things along the trail but did not expect it to go there.
Gotham Season 3 Episode 4
The Nygmapot is strong. So cute <3
Heroes Reborn Season 1 Episode 8
I'm feeling so many emotions right now.
Merlin Season 5 Episode 1
Ser Davos' daughter certainly grew up. And healed :)
Finished two seasons in a few days. I haven't finished yet but I'm constantly thinking about it and wanting to watch it. Definitely one of my favourite shows!
Doctor Who Season 9 Episode 12
... ... ... What now?
Doctor Who Season 9 Episode 11
Does that make the Doctor over 2 billion years old or...? Does that even count? Probably not. But GREAT EPISODE OH BOY THAT WAS INTENSE
Gotham Season 2 Episode 22
First Game of thrones now this?! -_-
Game of Thrones Season 6 Episode 5
Is this for real?! God, I hope it is