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Favorite Series
The Flash
i think that kid flash is taking over the show. we don't need all this kid flash time, but we need more flash time. i have watched the flash from season 1 and now when i look at season 3 i almost think that i is a bad show, but i will keep watch it because i still hope that Barry will get more time in the show as the flash but also as Barry.
Teen Wolf Season 6 Episode 1
i.... can't.. wait i am so freaking hyped argh so hyped arghhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The Flash
i was hopeing that jesse wolud leave because i just think that barry should be only speedster so i am happy that jesse is gone, and i really hope that wally is not going to be a speedster!! but i reallt love this show so much, and a fact caitlin is going to be killer frost!! is so cool <3
love this show so much!!!
The Flash
OMG!! caitlin is becomeing killer frost!! and maybe wally is going to be the kid flash, couse barry said that evryone from the other timeline will get there powers!! OMG i am so HYPED!!!
Teen Wolf Season 6 Episode 1
i am feeling that i am going to die if we not can see it right now!!!!!
is there a season 5 or what?
Teen Wolf
i can't wait for season 6 is coming in june teen wolf ia my fav tv show in all time!!!!
The Flash Season 2 Episode 22
this was so crazy i can't be in my self i just watch zoom kill barry's dad that was sp sad
The Expanse
OMG there is a year before season 2 is going in air!?!
The Flash
is he dead or not i am really confused!!
love love love love Lucifer this seris is so good love love love Lucifer
Teen Wolf
is too long to wait!!!!
Teen Wolf Season 6 Episode 1
I can't wait to June!!!
Teen Wolf
i dont know what to do now when we are waiting for season 6!?!?
cant wait to see the crossover!! supergirl and the flash OMG!!
Teen Wolf
the flash and teen wolf are the best shows ever love them!!
Teen Wolf
is march 15 and episode 1 of season 6 is not here and thay say is was comeing out march 10??
Teen Wolf
i will die if there's not a season 6
The Flash Season 2 Episode 16
Cant wait to ep. 16 i am hyper for the next episode:)