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Favorite Series

Americ: Our Defining Hours Season 1 Episode 2
Nothing but communist propaganda, a rewriting of the truth.
F is for Family
OMG! How did you guys know? Did my Older brother write this script for you or did you guys spy on us for like my entire life?
The Flash Season 3 Episode 21
Oh yeah...No one saw that one coming. the thing that shocks me is that someone is getting paid to write this shit!
The Flash Season 3 Episode 17
i can't do it anymore. The soap opera dribble and utter nonsense laced in a Feminist propaganda hit piece is more than I can take.
missed the ten out of ten part .
Awesomely gritty.
Dublin Murders Season 1 Episode 5
Very good suspense thriller.
Really Good Acting for a low budget run. Story line is unique as well.
Batwoman Season 1 Episode 1
Couldn't get past the first ten minutes of this dribble. Just another remake with a woman placed as the hero. and poorly done at that.
Just what we needed. ANOTHER man hating lesbo who cries for the crap kicked o equal rights, then when she gets treated like a man but when she gets the crap kicked out of herself, cries foul. So what is it? You want to be treated like a man or a woman?
The original from the 70's was way ahead of it's time. I remember running to the TV begging my parents to change the channel so we could watch. This remake has all of that breathless excitement that I remember as a child, and more.
Instinct (2018) Season 1 Episode 1
How did this get out of pilot? Dry, Predictable, Stereotypical. Just plain bad acting.
Lost in Space (2018)
Started out really good, then went straight to stupid and ridiculous.
Ray Donovan Season 2 Episode 5
This freakin show! I'm Hooked
Star Trek: Discovery
If I see one more of these femi-nazi shows I'm gonna puke!
Star Trek: Discovery Season 1 Episode 1
If I see one more stupid scifi show with women in leading rolls kicking ass on everything is sight Im gonna puke.
The OA
Very Trippy. Loved it.
The Man in the High Castle
What can I say? Mind Blown.