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The Flash Season 3 Episode 4 (S03E04) - Watch Online

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10 Comments for The Flash s03e04


10 /10

ok, @KrazyKarateKid5, the reverse flash is a time remnant... the one killing Barry's parents is the original from the future... the death of Barry's mother is a milestone - like a save point in a game; it is the deciding factor for all that happens in Barry's life. Barry's dad - Henry was killed by zoom, which i think is inevitable too. and hey, if u hv doubts, how abt WATCHING THE F*CKING SERIES AGAIN?? (sorry) :P

Caitlin is turning into ELSA! lol jk jk. So I've been wondering. Barry got the reverse flash from the past, so does that mean Eddie and Wells are still alive? I feel like earth 1 Wells should still be alive, since reverse flash from the past didn't get a chance to kill him. But for Eddie, Eddie killed himself so I felt like the reverse flash shouldn't even exist in the timeline and thus, Barry's parents should still be alive....THIS HAS ALWAYS CONFUSED ME!!! Someone send me a message to ex

10 /10

At the last episode there has been leaks saying joe dies

that's the way you say cool at the end. killer frost..haha

10 /10

Great episode

10 /10

Gonna miss Earth-2 Harry so much

9 /10

Oh Snart! Gone too quickly! again! Wish he appears on the next few episodes. It was nice to see Ashley Rickards as a villain. Totally different from the character she plays at Awkward. The best part is Killer Frost! Oh wait that is still Caitlin!

10 /10

the best of its kind...love it

10 /10

Out with the old, in with the cold? XD