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The Flash Season 2 Episode 20 (S02E20) - Watch Online

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10 Comments for The Flash s02e20


The name of The Flash is Grant Gustin.


and Finally! Barry Allen is dead!

The guy who plays Barry Allen is a really good actor. Wish I could say the same for the guy who plays Oliver Queen lol

@oblivious Felicity is a useless character that just ruins every episode she's on in Arrow and the Flash. And hell no she shouldn't be Flash's or Arrow's love interest. Barry Allen is of course nerdy but he is a strong, caring, and capable man. He deserves someone as great as him. Not some whiny, wimpy, loser like Felicity. But someone strong and fierce like Iris or Patty. Shut up with your useless boring Felicity comments.

They really should've asked Felicity for her input in this experiment and things would have went a lot smoother. I think the producers should think about getting Felicity to have a bigger role in this show especially when she did have some romantic moments with the flash before so she could be his love interest too.

8 /10

in the comics, wally west is the kid flash and jessie is jessie quick... barry was just merged with the speed force.

7 /10

in fact barry never died, remember on the cartoons when he disappeared when he got hit by a lightning which made his speed force faster than ever? barry now just needs to find a way to get back

8 /10

im guessing this is the beginning of kid flash

At the end i be like: WHY IS THERE NO TEASER??? also he aint dead, see next week's promo on the cw youtube chanel

I bet he is not dead.