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The Flash Season 2 Episode 14 (S02E14) - Watch Online

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10 Comments for The Flash s02e14

Poor Caitlyn. She's so sweet, gentle , and caring but at the same time so kickass when she needs to be.

@oblivious, since your stupid comments are everyone, i'm just gonna say this: Felicity is a stupid and sucky character who needs to be killed off of every show. She's worthless.

10 /10

so true Lizga198

Please call up Felicity!!! What is wrong w/these people???


poor Caitlin when will she be happy lol


@shravinsheroy(if you ever see this), no version of Henry Allen(Barry's dad) was Zoom(or and the Speedforce), but Hunter Zolomon(Jay Garrick's Earth-1 counterpart) was Zoom plus the masked guy in Zoom's lair "said" Jay. So Hunter Zolomon(a character known to be Zoom) + Masked guy in Zoom's lair saying Jay + Hunter Zolomon is Jay Garrick's counterpart = a more convincing argument then "Earth-2 Henry Allen is the Flash". If in Flashpoint Paradox Bruce's father became Batman instead of him, it d

10 /10

The ending was too predictable, in more ways than one.. but still good,

10 /10

i think Barry's Father from the earth 2 is ZOOM and when he came to know that Barry's Father from Earth 1 is to be released he took his place immediately and kept Barry's Real father somewhere else. i wonder why a father who had been in prison for so many years suddenly after being released does not want to stay with his family maybe cause he is ZOOM.

10 /10

Awesome episode again! The end was kind of predictable a few seconds before it happened though. The guy with the iron mask though, I wonder if he's the real Jay Garrick and that the one we've seen so far is someone else who's took his identity just like Reverse Flash did with Wells in season 1 .. :/ hmm. The Flash, never gets boring :D

10 /10

Jay's Earth-One counterpart is Hunter Zolomon. If you google Hunter Zolomon, you'll find out he's Zoom.