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The Flash Season 2 Episode 12 (S02E12) - Watch Online

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10 Comments for The Flash s02e12

I'm still suspicious of Wells, nobody would sacrifice their own kid like that. If it was me, I would've stolen all of Barry's speed and give it to Zoom to save my daughter. There must be something else going on here....

@oblivious thanks for letting us know that Oliver and Felicity finally broke up! I don't watch Arrow anymore since that show sucks due to the writers and the Felicity character also makes the show suck even more. Also, Barry and Felicity DO NOT make a good couple. I mean you wanna pair up a wimpy and whinny little child with a strong, smart, and capable man? HELL NO! Barry needs someone as great as him like Patty or Iris. Oblivious you have a blind love for a stupid character (Felicity) an

At least they gave props to Felicity for being the best hacker, it's just a shame they don't call her up to help them. She could have them inject nanos into Zoom and destroy him from within or even help them get better ideas. It's also a shame that Barry and Felicity never got a real shot at romance and I think they should since she's not with Oliver anymore.

9 /10

I love how the team makes Harry feel guilty af so he confesses

10 /10

hell yeahhhhhh

10 /10

hell yeahhhhhh


thanks guys for s02E13 ur the best

10 /10


10 /10

earth 2*

10 /10

amazing i cont belive they r goin to earth. i felt sooo bad for dr. wels when detective west punched him.... :(