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Supergirl Season 1 Episode 8 (S01E08) - Watch Online

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8 Comments for Supergirl s01e08

10 /10

"A lot of comics were born from" Lol, no. Stop your PC liberal bullshit nobody cares. You realize they constantly reference in this show that a man (Aka Superman)is far more superior than her, and that she references it herself?

I love that people on the comments are so butt-hurt over female and racial equality--they probably didn't get enough hugs as a child or have mommy problems. Again, props to the writers/creators of this show for outlining a very real problem that occurs in everyone's lives. Feminism and racism should NEVER be muted from tv shows especially superhero shows. A lot of comics were born from the realities of female and racial equality and what-male supremacy. This is something that Marvel usually

go easy on all that feminist stuff, your going way overboard white it, PLEASE.

go easy on all that feminist stuff, your going way overboard white it, PLEASE.

1 /10

JESUS does it ever fucking stop with this show??? "white male privilege" and being an "ally" enough with the feminist bullshit already, it gets worse every episode. Fuck CBS and their feminazi writers.


So Astro is might be not wrong in somethings but what did then & doing now is really made her evil or because of her husbend she turned out like this I don't really. Damn Ms Grint don't care about others who fun of her she do things the way she want & knowing about her past made like her more also she just find out whos supergirl really is just like that she's just too smart sometimes.

6 /10

and here i thought the point of keeping a secret identity was that..keep it a secret and not let everyone know you are a superhero. I can understand her sister and one of her best friends but with Cat being a journalist and being who she is..and her bumbling in the episode didn't help matters at all..


vidbaba ?