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Supergirl Season 1 Episode 18 (S01E18) - Watch Online

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10 Comments for Supergirl s01e18

10 /10

Best Episode yet!

btw having one black person doesn't make the cast diverse

I am confused though, shouldn't Barry be faster than Supergirl? I mean can Kryptonians be faster than the speed of light? In my mind, they shouldn't lol and Barry shouldn't have made it back to earth 1. Wish Supergirl and Flash were in the same earth though. They make a great team. Supergirl is really powerful, so it makes sense why Flash and the other heroes aren't on the same earth. She doesn't need them :P But Flash and Supergirl team up is still awesome.

That silver banshee makeout/outfit was awful. Anyways, the Flash and Supergirl crossover was AWESOME. Arrow and Flash crossovers were always terrible. But this crossover fits perfectly with two great actors, two great stories, and two great superheros.

5 /10

I'll admit that I'm disappointed, being an avid The Flash fan. I'd hoped the writers would bring something interesting to the table. Instead, Barry got an ass-kicking fit only for a character who needed to be kept on the sidelines because he was too overpowered. The writers need to be a bit more creative.

10 /10

Crossover with the Flash... What could we want more ?

10 /10

i love that this is one of the most-watched episodes, if not the most, cause barry is in it

10 /10

Best yet!! Such feels! Barry / Kara would make an excellent superhero couple tho maybe a bit saccharine? :)

Sweet!! More crossovers, more crossovers!

9 /10

for those of you worrying, no, what freshgaming is saying is not true. he's just being a prick. good episode, the appearence of the flash was certainly beneficial to the show.