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Shark Tank<
Genres :
Country : United States
Language : English
Year : 2009
Episode Runtime : 60 m.

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Shark Tank is an American reality television series which premiered on ABC on August 9, 2009. It features business pitches from aspiring entrepreneurs to a panel of potential investors.
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Shark Tank Episodes

Episode Name
Air Date
Season 1 Season 2 Season 3 Season 4 Season 5 Season 6 Season 7 Season 8 Season 9 Season 10
  • prymetyme - 27-04-2019 3:37:21 am
    Bingin' through the seasons ^_^

Bingin' through the seasons ^_^

Fascinating, hilarious, and constantly engaging, Shark Tank has everything you'd want in a reality show and a whole lot more.
9 /10
Shark Tank isn't your average reality show. It isn't your average show period, because Shark Tank offers a lot more than contestants asking the Shark ...
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This show is a terrible insult to sharks.
10 /10
Sharks kill to eat as all animals do. These people are just vicious school yard greedy bullies. These people are wealthy because they're thieves. The ...
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more embarrassing to the sharks than to the minnows
3 /10
This show is a disgrace. One initially approaches it from the perspective that one might--just might--learn something about business: after all, fant ...
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These "sharks" need to have the stick surgically removed.
10 /10
Week after week the sharks are seated at their thrones and relish looking down at the people offering them a piece of their business as if they were ...
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Named Correctly
6 /10
The title of this show is exactly accurate. When anyone brings an original idea to this show, they are being fed to the sharks. That is because these ...
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How much arrogance can you show deliver?
4 /10
I used to like this show, I really did. However the incredible arrogance shown by the sharks is sometimes just hard to watch. I realize that the arro ...
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Great Show about Business for up and coming entrepreneurs but arrogance...
7 /10
This is a pretty good show. There are five sharks, each of whom are successful business men. Different entrepreneurs come in and pitch their product, ...
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Awesome show for Entrepreneurs
10 /10
If you really want to plug into the entrepreneurship some day you should definitely check this show out. You will develop the insight of a venture ca ...
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overall a good show
9 /10
Even though I do agree with the other reviews that the sharks can be a little hard on some of the people making their sales pitches, I have to disagr ...
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Good learning vehicle if you can gloss over the bad manners
8 /10
"Sharks" is an interesting concept. It's a "reality TV show" and the reality is that budding entrepreneurs come before a collection of 5 experienced ...
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Terrific Concept And Great Learning Tool
10 /10
As an entrepreneur myself, I've dealt with investors and VC's, and I can honestly say that the Sharks are a great representation of real-life. They c ...
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