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Genres : Comedy
Country : United Kingdom
Language : English
Year : 2015
Episode Runtime : 24 m.

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Set on a Wolverhampton council estate, Raised By Wolves is modern day reimagining of the childhood of Caitlin Moran and her brothers and sisters. Single-mum Della lives in a three bedroom council house with Germaine, Aretha, Yoko, Mariah, Wyatt and baby Cher. She is attempting to raise the children by herself, but does have visits from Grampy, who likes to come around to dispense his wisdom to his grandchildren.
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Strange but Possibly Not Wonderful
4 /10
Raised by Wolves is, well, kind of funny in that laugh of shocking discovery sort of way. If you can decipher the accents good on you, but they all s ...
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Absolutely brilliantly hysterical !
1 /10
Such a ray of nightmarish sunshine, to watch Della's dysfunctional horde. Finally a TV series that depicts the so-called "underclass" with such blunt ...
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Great laughs about growing up and struggles in a family in Wolverhampton.
10 /10
Being a Midlands girl ,I loved this .Made me laugh from start to finish but I'm married to a Yorkshire man who didn't appreciate it as much as I did ...
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Really funny.
8 /10
I watched the first three episodes back to back and really enjoyed good funny parts in the show, won't be everyone's cup of t but but it's funny, whe ...
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