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Ax Men<
Genres : Documentary
Country : United States
Language : English
Year : 2008
Episode Runtime : 60 m.

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Ax Men is an American reality television series that premiered on March 9, 2008 on History. The program follows the work of several logging crews in the second-growth forests of Northwestern Oregon, Washington and Montana. The show highlights the dangers encountered by the loggers. Following in the footsteps of other shows from Original Productions, like Deadliest Catch and Ice Road Truckers, the series is considered part of a recent "real-men-in-danger" television programming trend.
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Ax Men Episodes

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Axe this tedious reality TV, please!
3 /10
What can I say about this programme? I saw it last Saturday morning, and it was only because a) I was really tired, and b) there was nothing on worth ...
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deadly accident
8 /10
I love the show but I wish two people would meet an untimely death and those would be Jimmy Smith and Craig Rygaard. Talk about two of the stupidest ...
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Best Show Especially Shelby*****
10 /10
Best show to date, shows temper, shows work reality to some point, OK it shows it fully, shows who even the best fail at safety and human communicati ...
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Worth 10 AXES
10 /10
If only alligators were born with a set of wings and hid in the branches of trees – now THAT would be the perfect TV show – ever. I started watching, ...
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10 /10
I've watched about 6 or 7 episodes and had an unknown many playing on the TV while i did other things( just leave the TV on for noise). I actually ha ...
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Glorification of environmental destruction!
10 /10
I currently live in Europe where people seem to actually care about the environment. The other day I was flipping through the limited channels that I ...
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The History channel sells out again...
10 /10
More reality TV crap to fill our airwaves and it just so happens to be on a channel that claims to be about history. Just around the time The History ...
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For a reality show ,I give a 5
5 /10
The show wasn't to bad when it first came out, but its becoming to fake and predictable, when a "accident" happens, the victim if you can call them t ...
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Ax Men History Channel
10 /10
I live in logging country. I've worked logging sales and visited on-site logging. I must say that I'm very disappointed with the History Channel. The ...
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