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Favorite Series

Timeless (2016) Season 1 Episode 15
The Vampire Diaries Season 8 Episode 11
This is still my favorite show of all time, I Just hope just because this is its final season that they do any random thing possible to the characters. I JUST WANT EVERYONE TO BE ALIVE AND HAPPY.
The Vampire Diaries Season 8 Episode 9
this episode was pretty lame... it felt like a filler episode
Timeless (2016)
Travelers (2016)
VERY interesting series. I do hope it continues. I'm completely engrossed! :)
Sherlock Season 4 Episode 3
This is episode was completely different than any other one in the entire series. I truly enjoyed it, but I wished it was longer!! I feel as though there are still some holes in the plot that we need filled! (Please make Molly happy!)
The Vampire Diaries
Best show in all the planet. Keep it playing forever. I wish I was a vampire.
The Vampire Diaries
I am a die-hard The Vampire Diaries fan, trust me. But season 8 isn't what I thought they had in mind. Damon has now "lost his memories"-- How many times have they already played this bit? Remember when Elena already did? And Stefan? Now we've come full circle with the Damon-Doesn't-Care-Anymore-We-Need-To-Save-Him with Elena lingering on the back of everyone's minds because she's supposed to bring him back. I really just want to see closure for all of the characters, not bring in yet another e
Adam Ruins Everything
Adam is so informative and I love the fact that he backs everything up with sources. I believe you have to WANT to learn about the truths of our surroundings to enjoy this, but it's also comical so there's that. This is exactly the type of thing I'd enjoy: questioning social norms and comedy! :) Best idea for a TV show in a long time, for sure.
Impractical Jokers
This is the only show that genuinely makes me feel happy. No matter how upset I feel, they make it seem as though life is great and things do get better. They're spectacular!